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pixelart-design 21 Aug 2005 07:06

ktm 950 adventure 2004 - laden paniers - tankslap
Could any tell me if a steering damper would stop the head shake/tankslap at low speeds on a 950 adventure going down the gears when laden with full paniers etc. Me thinks the extra weight bias unweights the front end and all becomes a little light and unstable upfront when you glide down the gears one handed or light handed on the bars. Could anyone tell me if this is a common problem or is there somthing loose maybe at steering head???

Cheers Paul

Jake 21 Aug 2005 13:59

Hi, sounds to me like somethings wrong somewhere in the steering head, I have never had this problem even with both panniers fully loaded + the gobi top box stuffed to the brim then adding two ortlieb bags full off stuff onto the panniers. the bike loaded like a camel has never had any form of tank slapper. is the front tyre pressure right and balanced,are the spokes tight,is the wheel buckled is the back wheel aligned and check the head bearing and finally try keeping a hold of the bars!hope you find the problem though cos it should not be happening. all the best brad

CRWMAC 7 Mar 2006 00:08

I was advised by my dealer to increase the rear preload when fully loaded to avoid this problem. I suppose that is why the rear preload knob is so handy.

Hope this helps.


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