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Raine 12 Feb 2004 01:28

KTM 660 Rallye - just for racing?
Hello everyone!

I´m fairly new to motorcycling, and I´m really interested in backroads/trails/wilderness riding (not as "hardcore" that I would need a lighter weight enduro bike http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/smile.gif). The bike I´ve been thinking is KTM 640 Adventure. It seems to be quite robust and decent for travelling longer distances on road as well.

As I´ve been visiting motorcycle dealers near here where I live, I came across used KTM 660 Rallye edition. They say (on their webpage)that it´s -00 model or atleast registered in that year. Still, it appears to be 1997 model, atleast all the plastics seem to be from -97 rallye bike.

What I would like to hear opinions about is that would the rallye bike be suitable for amateur/novice travel enduro/ touring use?

I´m guessing that Rallye engines would be so tuned up that they need more frequent maintenance than normal 640 Adventures.

The said 660 Rallye bike can be seen at:


They don´t say how much it has been ridden, but I´ve heard that it´s been used in touring safaris and not for racing.

Thanks for your help!! http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/wink.gif

gozell 12 Feb 2004 02:37


For approx the same (euro) amount I just picked up a new 2003 640 Adventure... Not sure if the pricing varies a lot, the 2004 model eg is going for 9800euro inc taxes etc..

IMHO cant see the added value of getting a used 660 rallye from 1997 (7 yo!) that most likely has been well used... The 2003 Adventure are said to be the most reliable so far...

Are u going to the Finish Allroad tour in August? There are a couple of dutch guys going (inc me)...


Raine 12 Feb 2004 02:58


Originally posted by gozell:
For approx the same (euro) amount I just picked up a new 2003 640 Adventure... Not sure if the pricing varies a lot, the 2004 model eg is going for 9800euro inc taxes etc..
The price for new 2004 KTM 640 Adventure is 12480 euros (taxes and registrations included) here in Finland. New 2003 (few still available here) is around 11000€. http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/frown.gif
But some very little used -02 and -03 640 adventures are available for under 10000 €, so they are more likely better for my intended use and my skills.

The taxes have come down a bit from what they used to be, but still motorcycles (and cars) are much more expensive here than in Germany for example.


Are u going to the Finish Allroad tour in August? There are a couple of dutch guys going (inc me)...
I´m currently not sure if I´ll be able to get those days off from my work, but I should be able to tell that in a week from now. If possible, I most likely will be participating there (that would be my first one). Couple of my friends are also interested, I have to see if I can get them with me.

Have you been there before? They have nice pictures at their website from previous years, as you have propably noticed. http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/smile.gif


kl3640 12 Feb 2004 10:41

The 660 is a Rallye machine, and thus it is engineered to be more race oriented. I don't think that it is a "strung out" race machine, like yz450 or a crf450r, so I think that it is quite capable doing the long haul (keep in mind that this bike does the Dakar rally, 11000km this year, in 17 days, albeit with oil/filter and tire changes at night).

The problem is that you're paying for a rally bike and all of the race engineering that goes in to it...engineering that you don't really need for what you described.

Therefore, you are better off going for a brand new 640 Adventure. It is capable for most off-roading, has a large tank, and is a decent road bike.

If you're going to go 2-up, look at the 950's.

Lucky Explorer 12 Feb 2004 18:53

I have a 97 rallye. It is a 640 and the same engine as in the Adv. The advantages: are the rear gas tanks at about 5 Gals.(20ltrs.). I heve never used them as the 7&1/2 gals(29ltrs) up front and 50MPG(80KMpg)give me plenty of range. The strengthening of the rear subframe is great. The fairing headlight and its mounting system is solid for Off-Highway use. The plastic is nylon or similer vs. plastic on the Adv. By that I mean it is more dirt bike like nylon. I have a friend with a 640 Adv. and they feel the same. Ours have the same gearing. He thinks mine vibrates less, I feel his vibrates less. They do vibrate! But that engine seems bullitproof. I have 6000 miles on mine, mostly off road use, and it never skips a beat, not one problem.
Disadvantages: headllights are dirt bike like vs. what seems to be more road oriented on the adv. No turn signals. No rear rack, and with the rear tanks it is difficult to fit panniers, but it can be done. No speedo or odometer, warning lights etc. I do have the ICO rally computer, but not the same. The seat will kill you but that is fixable. I wouldn't trade mine for anything but would I rather have an adventure 640? Probably. I do have a 950S, which solved that problem. Hope this helps. If mostly used for dirt the Rally might be better, but the adv. will get the job done as well, and it is better for the tarmac. Hope this helps.

gozell 27 Feb 2004 00:45


I reckon the allroad thing will be cool, never done that before but sure i will like it....


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