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gwc 9 Oct 2005 05:35

Front Fender Change

Has anybody changed the front fender of a 04 or 05 LC4 Adeventure (Low fender to high fender) Dont know how to go to work on the twin discs.

coxlionel 10 Oct 2005 01:25

Yes it not to bad a job...
Parts needed:
ƒ{ High level Mudguard
ƒ{ Mudguard support
ƒ{ Fork Tree cable & pipe holder (get longer bolts so you can fit two fork tree cable holders & the mudguard. You just fit the new one the other way round)
ƒ{ Disk calliper hydraulic brake pipe wire support with rubber (you will need to bend this the other way round.)
ƒ{ New bottom fork guards. (This I found was a sod & had to modify the hole spacing in the ones you get from KTM)
ƒ{ Front brake cable, long. (You will need to change the top banjo for a 180 degree) The reason you need to change the top banjo bolt angle is so the right hand pipe has a decent loop for fork movement.
ƒ{ A 30mm plastic electrical cable holder to use as a top guide for the left hand brake pipe. Just cable-tie it on the forks, under the faring.

Now just bolt the bits on & bleed¡K

I know this mod works well as I have just come back from 3000 miles off road in Iceland. If I could load picture I would send pictures of the job.

Dick 10 Oct 2005 03:41

May I just ask why you would want to.
Sounds like a lot of hassle to a lazy person like me (who owns an 04 LC4). Will a tyre such as a Michelin desert (or similar knobbly) not fit onto the front wheel of an LC4 with the low front mudguard

gwc 10 Oct 2005 19:15

Reason: Red mud in Africa is a bastard and will get stuck and jam the low fender. Fine for sand or other hard material (Note Paris to Dakar terrain)

Like the bike as it is, but for practical reason I will have to change.

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Tag 14 Oct 2005 20:11

I live in South Africa bought my 640 in june.
We have not had our rainy season yet and this convertion has crossed my mind. Have you had problems with the standard one so far ?
Cause when we have mud we have hectic mud.


coxlionel 16 Oct 2005 16:02

I did it for a trip to Iceland, the land of the stone. Pick up one of those on your tyre & its rips out the mudguard.
As for mud I can only talk of UK but yes I have had the front tyre wedged fast when I did some lanes early 2005. Get for perfecting your front-end control, but not much good for forward momentum.
So its horses for courses if you are going where there is going to be mud or stones then I think it is a good idea.

Giles4060 1 Nov 2005 23:52

Hi, Anyone remember what the mudguard change cost them?

Ian 2 Nov 2005 15:24

You can buy a kit from Sommer http://www.ktm-sommer.de/

andybee 13 Aug 2006 22:21

another option
Hi - Another option for this, which I'm considering, is to remove the RHS brake disc, caliper and 'bridging' hose (using the RHS banjo bolt to secure the sinlge hose from the master on the remaining (LHS) caliper). Then yo'uve got one disc, like pre '04 Adventures, and it's a fimple enough thing to just fit the high muguard and some neoprene stanchion protectors.

That's my current plan - the consensus on the AdvRider forum seems to be that off-street at least one disc is at least as good as two?!

Cheers - Andy

Caminando 17 Aug 2006 14:41

Fender? is that a mudguard?

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