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JNTaylor 9 Oct 2001 17:12

Friendly KTM Garages around the globe...
Thought we should have a thread that gives you names & addresses of reccomonded KTM garages...

Please use the format:

- City, Country
- Address
- Tel/Fax/Email
- Costs
- Any specific comments about service / names of people to speak to
- Directions where possible

Add as you wish...

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badwolf 9 Oct 2001 17:37

Very good idea!

I'll start: here in the north of Italy there is "Spazio Moto" in Castel San Giovanni (PC)... They are not an authorized KTM assistance point, but they know _very_well_ the orange bikes(especially 4-strokes).

Unfortunately I had just bad experiences with authorized KTM mechanics here in Italy: too expensives with little know-how! http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/frown.gif

In Spain I had 3 good experiences with KTM official dealers: Caspe (Zaragoza)(MOTO CASPE - CAPELLAN N 24 - 50700 CASPE), Madrid (SECOMOTO S.A. - ATOCHA N 90 - 28012 MADRID) and Granada (J.J: EXPO-MOTO S.L. - CAMINO DE RONDA N 24 - 18006 GRANADA).

Very pleasant, polite, doing their job perfectly and, last but not least, unexpensives.


Pietro (aka Badwolf)

Pietro Tosetti (KTM EGS 640 Adventure R 2001 "PRIS") &
Patrizia Coari (Honda Dominator 650 "Brontolo")
Milano - GFC 23 & 24 - EChM 499 <A HREF="http://www.pitpat.it
A" TARGET=_blank>http://www.pitpat.it
A</A> volte un atteggiamento rigido e' conseguenza di una paralisi.

JNTaylor 9 Oct 2001 17:55

Budapest, Hungary.

Rýchard the mechanýc speaks englýsh and ýs very helpful. The sales person also speaks englýsh. Wýllýng to squeeze you ýn ýf you are ýn a hurry.

They are a KTM Authorýsed dealer. Localted 10k south of centre, approach on the M7 motorway from the south, take Törokbalint exýt, turn rýght - shop 250mtrs on left. Býg KTM sýgn.

Very helpful and cheap. Costs: Servýce cost about $50 ýncludýng parts!

Motorsport Zsembery
Bajcsi Zsilinsky 65
2045 Törokbalint

Telephon 003623/339026
Fax 03623/334181

Lucky Explorer 10 Oct 2001 03:24

Chile, South America
Roland Spaarwater,LTDA
Santiago: (02) 2299101
Chillan: (42) 232334
In Chillan, a nice modern shop, with MX champ. manager and knowledgeable mechanics, they even worked on my Elefant. I have not been to the Santiago garage, but same owner.

mmaarten 10 Oct 2001 13:25


KTM dealer in the Netherlands, very good service, friendly people.

Brouwer Motors

On highway A1 take exit "Hoevelaken" near "Amersfoort".
Folow signs to "Terschuur"
After you leave the town (Hoevelaken) you have to turn left in a bend. There is a sign "Zwartebroek".
When you enter the town (Zwartebroek) just folow the road until it bend to the right and you can still go straight. Go straight, after 25 mtr on the right you'll see it. It is small, but good.


JNTaylor 4 Nov 2001 23:41

Ljubljana, Slovnia.

Official KTM Dealer (but I could not see any bikes). Uri the mechanic speaks English and, like most Slovenians, is friendly & v. helpful. If he can't fix, I'm sure he knows a man who can.

It's on the south side of the city approx., 6k on Trzaska Street (a main road). The garage is located on the laft hand side of the street as you leave the city. They also sell cars.

Name: Tik Tak Avto
Address: Trzaska 135, 1000 Ljubljana Vic
Tel: 01 256 1660
Fax: 01 256 1667

Costs: Approx $16 per hour Labour + parts.


JNTaylor 5 Nov 2001 00:05

Istanbul, Turkey.

Last KTM Garage before a long way east! Speak to Selcuk, the owner in the Showroom or Bulent, the service manager in the workshop. Head Mechanic: Hussain (Supports Galatasary & likes to sing out load - not a bad voice).

True Turkish hospitality with a spattering of Turkish chaos thrown in for good measure. The mechanics are excellent & very inventive & resourceful. Despite language difficulties (use Bulent) they have a great sense of humour & care about you & your bike. Copious amounts of tea will be served & if you're around at lunchtime, you might be treated to a fine lunch with the boys. At the end of the work your dirty bike will come back gleaming after the compulsory wash & blow dry.

I would advise that when specifying the work required to Bulent, make sure this is clearly transferred to the mechanics. All work will be completed in the end, but as the garage is located about 15k's east on the Asian side, a return trip can be a drag.

Location: Approach from either east or west on the D100. If coming from European Istanbul - check out the Karakoy-Harem Ferry which can save time & long route on Bosphorus bridge - Harem is the start of the D100. Ride for about 15k's avoiding everything that swerves or toots at you, and you will see the 'Maltepe' sign. Follow this road towards for about 1.5ks through the streets (it will become a one way street) and at the 1st traffic lights to a main road, take a right. Continue up the hill for about 1.5'ks and at the 2nd set of traffic lights you will see a Peugot Garage on the left. Take the left at these lights as the workshop is around the back.

Cost: Nov 2001 - 10,000,000 TR Lira or $6.5 per hour labour + Tip. Parts - European prices.

Name: Demaks Motor ve Servis Hizmetleri (Also Ducati, Trimumph & CCM dealership).
Workshop Address: Bagdat Caddesi (Street) No. 12, Adatepe, Maltepe, Istanbul.

Tel: 0216 442 1580
Fax: 0216 442 2380

Showroom Tel (Selcuk): 0216 418 7750


Braam 8 Nov 2001 10:22

Alfie Cox Adventure sport Cato Ridge Durban South Africa..

The "desert Fox's" dealership in South Africa must rate as a must see while in South Africa...In the middle of possibly some of the most awesome riding terrain in the country,,the service is great too,they have overnighting facilities there,Their knowledge on KTM is unmatched I reccon in this country(maybe doing the Paris-dakar helped with that)..Very friendly bunch too...check out their site www.alfiecox.co.za they rent out adventures too!

Richard Stallard 13 Nov 2001 00:31

KTM dealer in Dubai United Arab Emirates. Gorica Trading on the AL Aweer road next to Motorcycle City. TEL:009714-3330659.

mikey 31 Jan 2002 02:47

"Rock Motorcycles"
Not a KTM dealership very helpfull though
175 Gordon street
NSW 2444 Australia - tel : 02 6583 6655

Moorooka KTM
969 Ipswich road, Queensland ( HUGE !! )
07 3848 6699 Australia

unit 2/6 Enterprise place Whetherill park
NSW 2164 tel : 02 9756 2205

FANTASTIC place they GAVE me parts, fitted stuff for free, and made time for me, even though they were very busy, top notch

Ayers Rock Autos
not a KTMdealership, not even a motorbike place, but simple the only workshop around in a 400 kilometre area, my rearsprocket came off, they fixed it for me, picked up my motorbike, next to the Olgas

tel 08 8956 2188

Redline motorcycles
not a ktm dealership, very helpfull though one of the mechanics is a fanatic motor bike crosser ( Alice springs desert race )
Very cheap with tyres, helpfull, friendly, fast service

tel : 08 8952 4500

Darwin motocyle wreckers

very helpfull people, they MADE a luggage rack for my KTM, very cheap 50 AUD

08 8948 1925

JNTaylor 3 Feb 2002 13:12

Chennai (Madras), India.

Not a KTM authorised dealer (It's an LML dealership actually - an Indian mfr) or anything, but a friendly, helpful bunch who have competent mechanics who will work under your supervision (or alongside). They may also ply you with Chai and may even buy you lunch too! Very, very good prices too.

Speak to Mr. Rangan Srinivasan - the Managing Director.

LML World,
Pillai & Sons Motor Company
144, Greams Road,
Chennai - 600 006

Tel - + 91 44 8295854 / 8295966
E - pamco@md4.vsnl.net.in



KTM LC4 640 Adventure-R 2001

Previous bikes...
KTM Duke II 2000
Kawazaki ZX-6R 1998
BMW F650 1996

GPais 21 Mar 2002 20:12

CAISMOTOR - Alcabideche in Portugal

Good mechanic named VASCO.

Take A5 from Lisbon heading Cascais
Take ALCABIDECHE's exit. In the roundabout take 2nd exit, heading AUTODROMO. Turn 1st exit on your rigth (hidden by the curve).
Turn rigth, pass under bridge, turn rigth again, going down 'till big KTM advertissement.

Say you're my friends....Adventure's Gonçalo
There are few Adventure's owners in Portugal....mentallity problems, i guess!

JNTaylor 3 Jun 2002 09:54

Khoy, Iran...

Mr Seyfollah Kalfkhany
Repairing Shop - Opposite the water organisation
Mosallah Square No.10

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randywhorton 31 Aug 2002 12:37

KTM Sales & Service Saudi Arabia.

Pretty good folks and the service garage is 1st class. All staff speak english!

Dammam –Tel: 03 859 1608 / 857 1945 Fax: 03 857 4006

Jeddah – Tel: 02 668 2054 / 668 2056 Fax: 02 668 2135

JNTaylor 16 Sep 2002 08:46

Sydney, Australia

Highway Performance Bikes,
309 Princes Highway,
NSW 2216

Tel +61 (0)2 9599 0011
Fax +61 (0)2 9599 0013

These guys (and gals) are the largest and main KTM dealership/workshop in Sydney. totally KTM, loads of mainly off-road bikes. Friendly and informative. No costs as such but probably cheaper than europe & us. In general bikes seem to cost about 20% less than UK.

Located in Rockdale/Banksia suburb on Princes Highway - about 10km/6m south of the city on 'Route 66!!', located on the right hand side of the road. They also have a sister-breakers who may be able to source cheap parts.


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