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spakur 9 Jun 2008 23:30

Engine noise :-(

I have been preparing my KTM 640 Adv 2004 that I bought a month ago for a trip to mongolia. A couple a days go I started the bike up and I am thinking that perhaps the engine have some noises that shouldn't be there :-(

I have only had the KTM for a month and the bike has spent most of the time in the garage being serviced, so I have no real clue how the bike sounds when everything is ok.

I am taking the bike tomorrow to a KTM mechanic in town to let them lissen to it.

The noise I am hearing is a relatively high frequency noise (squeeking) that accelerates with the engine revs. it doesn't go away if I am in neatrul or pull the clutch. I am however thinking that it could be the clutch thats faulty (having read about a nown problem on the advrider site for the 2003 and onwards models).

12 days till departure and it doesn't look good :-(

spakur 10 Jun 2008 18:30

Dropped of the bike at the dealer today. The mechanic thought it could be the bearing behind the clutch, but they'll have to take the engine apart (split) to find out.

Fortunatly they'll make the deadline so that I can leave on the day I planned to. Downside is ofcourse the cost of rebuilding the engine, but i think I'll feel much more comfortable on the trip when i know that the engine have been rebuilt.

I'll post the results here when I know what the problem was.

spakur 18 Jun 2008 11:12

Got my bike back today. 4 days before departing to Mongolia :-)

The bike sounds good now - after a total engine rebuild.

They wore not 100% sure of what caused the noise, but they think it was a piece of the electric starter.

They found three problems:

- cam chain worn (strange since the bike has only 13000km)
- cam (valve?) bearings (wrong model installed - strange)
- some part of the electric starter (made marks in the hub)

A previous owner put a G1 cam on the bike a few years ago and removed the auto-decomp at the time (because the auto-decomp broke for some reason). The mecanic thought that the strain on the part when starting with the electric starter (and not using the manual dekomp properly?) was the reason for the e-starter to make the noise.

In the future I'll just use the kickstart :-)

Sorry for the bad spelling and poor description, but time is short. If anyone whants to know more let me know.

edteamslr 18 Jun 2008 14:56

Ktm 640
Were you taking notes so you can replicate the disassembly proceedure in a muddy rut, hundreds of miles from the nearest mechanic?

Seriously, have a great trip. I'm very envious.

spakur 18 Jun 2008 20:17

If I had done it myself I would have :-)

But since I had very little time - lot of things to do at work and preparing for the trip. I left it at a KTM dealer who worked nightshifts for a week to help me out :-)

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