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pieterktm 16 Aug 2010 21:56

Dutch registration for a KTM 660 Rally
I just bought a KTM 660 Rally without any registration papers and need to register it in Holland where I live.
If anybody (Gozell?) has any information or tips that would be real helpful.
The bike comes from France. The only bit of paperwork I have is the original invoice from the factory. I reckon the bike has been running in the Dakar with fake plates.

I did modify the bike somewhat to make it "road worthy"
- Turn signals
- Rear reflector
- IMO for odometer and spedometer

p.s. I'll be using this bike to continue my "desert hunting" lifestyle.

spooky 17 Aug 2010 08:02

try to get a "COC" that's the "Certificate Of Confirmation" this is the first paper that is issued by KTM or any manufacturer to the first dealer of any vehicle..
The COC is the original issued paper that comes together with the bike to be able for any one, or in most cases the dealer to be able to do the initial first registration at any registration office world wide, to be able to get the national registration papers issued for the owner of the vehicle.
Well you are saying you have the original first invoice... try to contact the dealer and ask if he may still has a copy or of the COC of your bike....

Now... if not... ask him to send you copy of a similar 660... (DTP is grate, only need changing the VIN-no. a tiny bit, matching your bike and invoice) worked for me.. a few years ago...

gozell 17 Aug 2010 09:33

gidday pieter,

congrats, any photos on your new 660 rallye monster?

the registration on my papers actually mention 'KTM LC4 620' and the frame number is (now) matching with the paperwork...... apparently quite normal with these kind of bikes, saves a bit of tax too :thumbup1:


pieterktm 17 Aug 2010 14:32

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Thanks Spooky and Gozell.
I have requested this COC from the dealer in France, lets hope he can deliver it. As you say Spooky, DTP is always handy.
I have "DTP'd" many documents for my travels worldwide ;-))

Gozell, even with the LC4 620 papers, you still needed to get the frame number linked to that model somehow. How did you do that?

I attached a picture of the bike, it's really awesome!

pieterktm 18 Aug 2010 14:52

Here's the latest update...

The KTM factory just told me that they have never issued COC's for 660 Rally bikes. These bikes will need to be registered via the individual bike registration procedures of the country in which they are imported.
That leaves me with 2 options:
1 - forge a COC and register the bike as a 640 Adventure or 660 SM
2 - proceed with the individual bike registration procedure

I think I will go for the second option. The bike will have the correct paperwork and according to some people I spoke to, the procedure is not too problematic. Costs somewhere between 250-650 euro by the way.

p.s. for 690 Rally bikes, the KTM factory can issue a COC

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