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gwc 25 Sep 2005 16:49

Bike of a lifetime for trip of a lifetime
Bought my first KTM, a 2004 640 Adventure and is planning an overlanding trip from the UK to SA.

I would like to know what is considered critical items (Spares) that I will need to take with me. And further general information from mechanical preparations to serviceability in Africa will be useful.

Basicaly any comments and advice will be useful.



Matt Roach 25 Sep 2005 19:21

Workshops for KTMs in Africa are minimal. On the east coast there are KTM dealerships in Nairobi, Lusaka & several South African cities. On the west coast there is one in Togo, but I have never been there, so cannot vouch for whether they are any good. There is also a rider's group in Cairo who can help you out. Try a search for KTM workshops around the globe on this forum and you will find more address details.

BMBaxter 26 Sep 2005 07:39

basic spares:extra fuel line(1 meter),fuel filter,extra oil filters(or use cleanable style),spark plug,extra main jets,several rear inner tubes,fuses,2 liters synthetic oil(can be hard to find),brake and turn signal bulbs,master links for chain,thin wall 18 mm. spark plug socket.The 640 series is a well proven bike.Starting off with a fully serviced bike should eliminate most mechanical problems.The KTM's are prone to bizarre electrical glitches that can drive you crazy.I would disconnect the two safety cut- out switches and reinforce the wire harness by wrapping it with layers of tape in abrasion prone spots(under the seat and gas tank).Also the spade connectors that connect the ignition system with the CDI box have been known to fail.

Ian 26 Sep 2005 18:18

My list for a 2002 LC4-E is here: http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb...ML/000213.html

(refined after two trips from UK to The Gambia).

Bill Shockley 6 Oct 2005 11:38

Ian's list is great. I would add front brake pads for South America and maybe rear pads too depending on how you use the brakes(lots of mountain riding). Used pads would be OK too in a pinch. Some I traveled with carried steering head bearings. I lubed mine every 10K. I was on a BMW. Bill.

Jerome 23 Dec 2005 23:35

The critical items are the ones that fail!

i agree with whats been said above and would add:

Changing the the inlet cam follower every 40,000km. I don't want it failing again.

Assuming you can do your own servicing i'd recommend reusable stainless filters from dual-star.com.

I have analysed the spares and tools needed for various tasks on my web site under bike - >tool & spares.

I've also analysed where most of my problems come from : - poor work by dealers so if you can learn from a good mechanic how to do all the usual tasks before you leave it should stand you in good stead.

i use a scott oiler on tarred roads and don't have a split link in the chain - it always falls off unless replaced regularly.

I wish id lubed my head bearings http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/smile.gif



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