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Slugnugget 17 Jul 2003 12:15

950 adventurer,way too expensive!
hi all

I went to look at the new 950 today(silver)
and i was told they are about $22000 aus
that sound pretty rich to me,is it just here
or are they universally a rip off!

Cheers Slugnugget

FlyingElephant 17 Jul 2003 12:59

The same model (silver) is in the USA $12,000.- US, and that is before set-up fee, taxes....

davidedwardmawer 28 Jul 2003 23:56

£7300 Pounds Stirling in UK for silver.

iswoolley 29 Jul 2003 16:51

Unbelievable! http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/smile.gif The UK actually offers good value on a new bike! First time for everything I guess.

7'200 GBP = 17'650 AUS = 11'750 USD


FlyingElephant 5 Aug 2003 12:25

The price for KTM 950 Adventure S (the orange one)in the USA is 12,498.- US$.

k7lro 28 Jan 2004 21:14

If you look around and check the dealers, you'll find a good deal. Just don't get into a hurry.

I found 4 at a local dealer that he was selling for $10,000. This was Monday. Add $250 for the doc fees and registration along with our healthy sales tax, it was just over $11,000 out the door.

This was for a standard KTM LC8 950... all were silver.

When I asked how he could sell them for that amount, he offered a logical explanation. According to him, KTM allows them free use of the bikes but gives them a certain amount of time to sell them and then pay KTM.

After that period is up, the dealer has to pay for the bike even if it hasn't been sold.

In this case, he had four and is also faced with moving his business. To a small business owner, $40,000 is a lot to pay out of pocket.

If you're quick, you can still view the ad at http://adcache.cycletrader.com/5/5/2/64069452.htm

Maybe he still has one available! AFAIK, the dealer is legitimate. They're an authorized KTM dealer and the shop ain't no boutique kind of place.

StephenRivett 7 Feb 2004 10:03

The orange twin was selling for 16,000CDN here in Ottawa a couple months ago. I didn't ask what that included though, I was just too shocked to talk when I found out they were being sold in the city. I think the single was selling for around 10,000CDN a few years ago.


Edd 19 Oct 2004 14:14

the 950 has only just recently come to hong kong, a bit slow here... the 950 is HK$120,000. (divide roughly by 7.8 for US$, roughly 14 for UK, and roughly 6 for CDN$)

gonna have to start saving those pennies.

alternatively the 640 adventurer is HK$80,000

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