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chipstickenduro 16 Aug 2007 14:59

640 Adventure Fork Seals and Dust covers.
Could someone please advise me were i can get hold of some new fork seals and dust covers for a 2007 640 adventure. Apart from OEM items, have read somewhere about better quality replacments available, ??? but not sure were. Just completed the TAT and although Anal about bleeding forks, fork seal started leaking after about 2,500 miles.

Any Thoughts ??

Island Hopper 17 Aug 2007 08:16

2500 miles isn't much. Before you do any replacing try taking a strip of photo negative and giving the seals a wipe to pull out any grit. To do this slide the dust covers down and poke the negative up between the seal and the tube and then pull it around the tube with a slight downward angle so any grit is wiped out of the forks. My seals have weeped a few times and this method worked like a charm. I did eventually have to replace them after 45,000 km.

Hope this helps.......

chipstickenduro 17 Aug 2007 14:38

Thanks for that "island Hopper",

Will try that technique, have read about it in other forums too. But just incase your interested in the future, have included a link of a company that can supply improved and re-useable seals.www.synergyseals.com .

thanks Again


p.s I love the 640A and 3 weeks and 4000 miles, 75/25 off-road, have just made me appreciate just how good these bikes are.:thumbup1:

razmataz 4 Oct 2007 00:57

You should contact the specialists at KTM Sommer in Germany, they also speak English and ship everywhere...
K T M - S O M M E R
Change the seals and cover it with the neopren stuff, mine are still fine after 50.000 km.

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