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Jimmy D 25 Jun 2007 17:48

640 adv Side Stand / Crash Bars, Where?
I've got a bling new 640 adventurer that needs thrashing but before I do I'm looking for a side stand that can be fitted with the centre stand and crash bars. Do you know where I can get them from?

Got talking to a couple of 640 owners at the Uk Horizon Ulimited meet this weekend, (Great times, thanks!!) who suggested Summers in Germany. I can't find their web sight. Can you help?

Brian E 25 Jun 2007 22:40

K T M - S O M M E R this is what we where talking about.

Jimmy D 25 Jun 2007 23:45

Cheers Brian, I owe you one...

Jerome 26 Jun 2007 11:54

Hi, try searching earlier threads - http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/hub...idestand-25291.

There are 2 sidestands you can use.

1. The one that bolts on or

2. the Dual Star one that has a weld-on tab (as used by the earlier bikes). LC4/Adventure Side Stand

fwiw i wouldn‘t bother with the crash bars - more £, more weight, more things to work loose on a bike that’s designed to crash anyway.


KTMANDY 26 Jun 2007 13:11

The KTM Sommer side stand is made by SW-Motech.
It bolts onto the already there pivot and another spare bolt hole. I have found it to be well made and nicely finished, however the spring is very strong and you have to be carefull not to get your leg in the way! It seems to support the bike well but it is a bit of a pain to get the full stand down only as the sidestand is in the way a bit! Just needs getting used to. I have been told by someone else that their Adventure fell off the same make of sidestand a few times. I have'nt had this problem.... yet!!!


arriage to UK was 20 Euros so worth getting a few things from their catalogue as the same items in the Touratech catalogue are more expensive (same prices in pounds at Touratech as KTM Sommer in Euros) so you save money on the first purchase. The items that look the same in the Touratech catalogue as KTM Sommer are identical and come in Touratech bags!! Touratech UK must be raking it the profits just on the difference in currency! A cynic might add that you are paying for their Dakar rallye projects! But I could'nt possibly comment.

skibum69 4 Jul 2007 01:25

I'm running the SW-motech as well and find it works well, this is a nicely finished and well made item. ps. don't overtighten the hollow bolt!

Jimmy D 4 Jul 2007 16:53

What bolt?
What is this hollow bolt of which you talk?

Laromonster 4 Jul 2007 20:16

"the hollow bolt" is a flanged nut that threads on to the center stand pivot stud, it should only be snugged down and must be able to pivot freely when the center stand is lowered and raised, if not the pivot stud will break off

its the nut to the right of the foot peg in the pic


Jimmy D 14 Jul 2007 22:21

Loramonsters one spring?
Loramonsters, I see you use only one spring of the two provided with this stand, (I know have one fitted) is there a reason for this?

Laromonster 14 Jul 2007 23:57

the two springs made the stand snap up with so much violence i feared the weld would break sooner or later, i have just recently made a plastic shim for the pivot from an oil bottle (bel ray btw) so the stand is a little snugger and stays down even if the bike is slightly nudged.. might go back to dual springs

or maybe not

KTMANDY 23 Jul 2007 13:13

Bit of advice when fitting the SW Motech Sidestand gained from experience: Fit a 10mm longer Allen Bolt than comes with the kit, use loctite on the threads and use the longer thread to put a nice stainless steel dome nut and washer on the rear to act as a lock nut. Otherwise the bolt will come undone no matter how many times you tighten it up, you will end up tightening up the 'hollow nut' too much!

When repairing the Main stand from 'hollow nut' overtightening syndrome:
Drill out the damaged thread to 8mm and fit an allen bolt longer to allow the hollow nut to lock against the dome nut you have now fitted to stop this slacking off again.

The job is now done properly!

The KTM's vibration slackens off all aftermarket items! The standard KTM parts are fine! its almost as if KTM know how much the thing vibrates and engineers round it.

southpaw 24 Jul 2007 20:59

SW-MOTECH sidestand NOT COMPATIBLE with Touratech panniers!
Hello, all -

The title says it all.
I bought the SW-Motech sidestand for the same reason you all did, to have a sidestand that I could use without sacrificing the centre stand, as the factory one obliges.

I agree with all the praise of the SW-Motech sidestand, which is a very well-made piece of kit; however, it is NOT COMPATIBLE with Touratech panniers!

I noticed to my chagrin that the SW-MOTECH sidestand that I just got for the LC4 sticks WAY out to the side when retracted - so far that it retracts UNDER the pannier (with a loud and damaging THUNK).

I cannot avoid the sidestand's rubbing / bumping up against / chafing the pannier...which means I have two options:
1) return the sidestand
2) jury-rig some solution.

If I'm the first to have found this bug, then...yay for me, i get a hero cookie. If not, then I look forward to hearing your solutions (if any).

Adventurers of the world beware: THE SW-MOTECH SIDESTAND STICKS OUT SO FAR SIDEWAYS that it definitely WILL HIT YOUR TOURATECH panniers!

I was thinking of solving the problem with some sort of rubber doo-hickey(TM) epoxied to the bottom of the pannier that would "cradle" the 'ankle' and 'foot' of the motech stand when it retracts. Otherwise, it will smash the shit out of the pannier AND the stand after even a small amount of riding. We all know just how thumpy our thumpers are :)



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