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Raine 7 Feb 2004 05:29

2004 KTM 640 LC4 Adventure pics?
I´ve been looking for pictures of that bike, but all I´ve managed to found is the same picture seen at KTMs website, wich is a rather small one.

If you have links to better photos etc. about this years 640 Adventure, I would greatly appreciate if you could post them here.

I just very interested about the bike, and I would like to get some better photos of it to feed my appetite... http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/wink.gif


lost1 7 Feb 2004 20:43

You may want to try


Freek 8 Feb 2004 02:49


Raine 8 Feb 2004 23:12


Does anyone have any pics of it "getting dirty"?

davidlomax 10 Feb 2004 04:34

I am not sure if your need is for 2004 bikes only, but if the odd 2002 model will do then I can recommend a web site with dozens of photos of a KTM 640 being used for exactly what it was designed for.


If you check out the link above I dont think you will find many dirtier pictures!!!!

If there are any problems with the link then just try www.no2-online.net and follow the links through Trips-Americas and Trans Am Trail.

Happy Surfing........;-)


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