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leonator 24 Sep 2012 11:16

Wolfman KLR pannier racks on KLE?
Wondering if there is anyone out there that knows if the klr rack will fit the kle?
Just from eyeballing the photos it looks like it would be close.

Wolfman Motorcycle Side Racks


leonator 25 Sep 2012 10:06

I will let you know soon...they are on their way.

leonator 30 Sep 2012 03:17

no they do not....

MadM 30 Sep 2012 10:04

How far off are they? Can you put a picture up?

leonator 1 Oct 2012 08:00

far off enough to be a real pain in the arsh...I have been in touch with the guys that make the rack and they are going to help me out. And in turn all of us. As i will put everything up so you guys can do the same thing. I will put some photos up when i get some time but might be awhile.

Sorry Ghosty ill give you more information soon!


leonator 19 Oct 2012 22:32

Sorry guys, been busy with work...And motoGP soon! whoop! guess who has pit passes? But thats off topic...

I will send off my design to the manufacturers this week. Brushing up on my CAD skillz...haha.

wolfman racks soon!

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