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tobyslight 1 Oct 2005 23:57

uk klr - hard luggage
i've just brought a uk spec 1998 klr650, & was wondering if anyone knew of any hard luggage systems which fit this model (model c), that are avaliable in the uk. neither touratech nor metaimule have a system for the klr (in the uk at least).

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Bal 10 Oct 2005 01:28

ebay.de - there are at least one set on each month or so. as far as i know, touratech boxes are adaptable to most 18/15mm(?) rack systems - i have a hepco & becker for my klr600 - needs some welding to make it suitable for hard luggage though. try the klr sites in the US for info. Jesse boxes come from over there.
good luck,

Iain 26 Oct 2005 02:33

Check this out:


Dan Koch 26 Oct 2005 07:18

Anyone know if Metal Mule is sold in the US?

Iain 26 Oct 2005 16:37


They are, as far as I know, mail order only, plus they have stands at a couple of bike shows.

They will ship to the US.


Dan Koch 27 Oct 2005 08:45

Thanks, I'll contact them and see if I can figure out the exchange rate dollars to pounds. Dan

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