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far_not_fast 28 Oct 2005 20:56

Is there a KLR650 manual on CD so I can travel light?
Rather than taking a big old heavy manual on my bike trip, I was wondering if anyone knows of a KLR650 manual on CD or in PDF format?

If there isn't one, perhaps I'll have a scanning project to look forward too.

I just figure a CD/DVD is very light and although there's not always an internet cafe on hand, you'd be able to hitch a ride to a town and print off what you needed.

Any help of advice appreciated.

Tin Tin 4 Nov 2005 05:23

I got one of Ebay.com for $10. Search under KLR650 and you should be able to find one.

Iain 4 Nov 2005 19:30

Link to an auction selling the manual, I'm bidding, so please don't bid against me, as the person selling has more copies up for auction:


Iain 4 Nov 2005 19:31

Thanks Tin Tin for the info, much appriciated.

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