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nwil 22 Apr 2008 16:28

The benefits of the KLE?
Hi Guys, Great site and good to see the KLE's have a compact but very loyal following. Looking to get back into the saddle very soon and I have been attracted to the KLE (price is the obvious factor).
Been away from the bike scene for more years than I care to remember.
Could I have some feedback on the ability's of the bike when it comes to comfortable motorway speeds 2 up and carrying equipt. Is it happy to cruise at legal..ish speeds and what is it likely to return to the gallon when riden so.
I could do with something cheap, reliable, simple that will alLow for commuting for self but with scope to do some distance with misses, including loose stone/semi-made up roads.

Been thinking about and looking at several bikes but I have to say that your enthusiasm for the KLE is winning me around even though the dealers do not appear keen to sell, always offering something different.

Any info greatly appreciated. ?c?

Joe C90 23 Apr 2008 13:08

Mine has only had a thousand miles put on it since i got it, but the points I
have noticed on my 2006 model

Brakes, they work, but my dead gerbil has more "bite"
No centrestand, pain when servicing.
Power, same as the dead gerbil....
Economy, very good, getting approx 58mpg, at 60/70mph.
Reliability, perfect, but early days yet.
Seat comfort, ok, but many folk reckon a reshaped seat is well worth it.
Suspension, budget jobs, bit soggy, 2 up with luggage overwhelms them.
Riding position, great, screen a bit useless, a taller (proper) one needed.
Value for money: Fantastic!!!!

The engines are simple well proven units, with locknut valve adjustment, so cheap servicing. solo, with small luggage, they will cruise happily at 70mph, although 80mph will start to struggle, and the windblast will get annoying.
The older ones developed more power, and were strangled with catalytic converters, so a bit of "un-detuning" will help with motorway speeds.

They aren't as posy as the ktm/bmw/drz bikes, but who cares when £2000 will bag a thousand mile minter!!!

royzx7r 24 Apr 2008 13:25

I was a total sportsbike nutt who bought a 2006 model just as a hack for winter and to keep the milage down on the fireblade I had at the time.

I started to ride the KLE and just fell in love with it, I so love shocking a few other riders on there cruise misiles!!!.

The seat aint the best but does soffen up nicely after a while, its narrow so will never be the best. The power dont sound like much but its all usable and your able to throttle the bugger all over the place.

It will cruise all day long at 80 with luggage and turn in decent mpg even from the 15ltr tank.

Its a budget bike, but still solid and reliable. the bike FAR outways the price you pay for it.

Hope this helps

Oh yes, I sold the blade and just kept the KLE !! (cant be that bad then!)

nwil 8 May 2008 19:11

Thanks for your responses - Decision now made
Cheers for your replies. Been a hard decision to make regarding 'which bike'. I have spent many hours on this site, on others and visiting dealers for information etc but I can confirm that I have committed to a KLE. :thumbup1:

The enthusiasm of the KLE'ers on this site has been a major factor in the decision (along with the price). While you may be relatively small in numbers, and the bike at the cheaper end of the spectrum you make up for this by your dedication to the 'cause' and your keeness to share information.

Ended up buying from motorcycles direct and it was the last one they had . Delivery due next week, cannot wait now!!!! Have some goodies on order from looking at the threads - centre stand, top box and suspension highering bones. Need to save up now for engine bars and screen replacement.

I was disapointed by the lack of interest from dealers in negotiating a deal on a new machine. Also the lack of response by return e-mails and promised call backs on the phone. Surprised that dealers are so affluent that they can afford to turn down business. My recent limited experience of the industry is that most of them appear to be happy to maintain the status-quo with other dealers. Well their loss!

Happy Days!!
Neil :clap:

royzx7r 8 May 2008 21:19


All bike dealers are like that, my mate went looking at a goldwing at Millenium motorcycles in St helens the other week. My mate wanted to know some info about the bike and the dealer would ring him with it...no phone call !.

My mate rang back, and again was told " I will get right back to you!"

no phone call.

Now this was a 9grand bike and my mate was dead keen on it and would of bought it. But in the end said "if the dealer cant be bothered then nether can I"

anyway, enjoy your KLE. Where about are you?


nwil 8 May 2008 22:16

Roy, I expect that for the last few years I have bought new cars and have got used to dealers being keen on business. Obviously they must have greater profit margins and therefore flexibility to do keen deals. Perhaps m'cycle dealers are complacent or just used to buyers doing all the running.
Your mate was right though...if they do not want to make the effort to do business then walk away there is always another dealer and deal to be made I expect dealers must think in a similar way.. that there are enough bikers out there to sell bikes to, so why make any effort.
Anyway all past history now just need to ease myself back onto the bike as I have not done any serious riding for a few years.

nwil 8 May 2008 22:18

Big fingers and small keys on the PC!!! :oops2:

Currently based in the Midlands but originally from Preston


royzx7r 9 May 2008 08:10

There is plenty of info on here for you, some bolt on goodies have started to show up for the KLE and all the web links to these parts are on here.

The good thing about the kwak is that its cheap to insure and is in the cheaper tax band which make the difference these days with rising costs.

Good luck!


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