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gmarch 3 Nov 2001 01:34

Is the stock KLR seat really uncomfortable?

I'm very close to getting a US KLR - from browsing around the web it sounds as though the stock KLR seat can be very uncomfortable.

Any comments?

There are a number of suggested alternatives to the stock seat in

It looks as though the Russell Day Long might be a good aftermarket seat (http://www.day-long.com). Can anyone confirm this? A negative for this option (as far as I can make out) is that the Russell seat is built on the stock seat base - which means you'll be without your bike for a few weeks.


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Kurt 5 Nov 2001 09:38

Yes, I guess you'd have to say the stock seat is pretty uncomforatable. But then most stock seats are in my experience. Also, it is narrow which is preferrable in situations where you have to move around (stand up over the tank for climbing for example) but this doesn't lend itself well to weight distribution. A large touring saddle I think would be a disadvantage in off-road and bad-road situations. I've left my KLR stock and found that since I ride it one-up, i can move around on it enough while on the highway to make it bearable. Of course, I try to stay off the highway as much as possible.

There's also a gel insert that can be had for the KLR. I haven't had any feedback on how well that works. On my BMW R11R I just throw a gel pad over the stock seat and can manage 800 mile days with that.


t0by 9 Nov 2001 23:51

The seat on my KLR was rotten when I got it, and 200 miles was all I could manage in a day.

Now have a corbin seat which is wider, but my legs are very long, so pretend am riding a horse. It's comfortable enough, but I don't like the way it is cut to curve steeply from back to front. Am either jammed up against the gas tank - good off-road, or almot in the pillion pose - highways.

If you have plenty of time before your trip, you could get one and have them re-cut it for you. But Corbin move veeery slowly.

Happy travels

Kurt 12 Nov 2001 08:14

While I can't attest to it's effectiveness, Dual Star (www.dual-star.com) sells a 'gel seat' in the form of a kit you replace the existing foam and cover. A much cheaper option than a whole aftermarket seat. Maybe someone here has had some experience with it.


tomrsewell 13 Nov 2001 08:51

hey guys, when i first got my 99 klr in montana 2 yrs ago i set off on my 1st moto/climbing tour- a week long ride around idahos selway-bitterroot wilderness, along the lonely darby-elk city dirt road, doing day climbs of easy peaks off the road (on foot- this is Wilderness- no geeky motors allowed!) at one trail head i left my klr overnite as the peak i wanted was far enuf in to warrant spending the nite in the wilderness on foot. imagine my surprise on returning to my bike the next eve to see a huge hole chewed in the seat by a (black)bear! seems he found the sweat smell too tempting. he was hanging around the trailhead and i got good video of him- bet he didnt last thru october hunting season. bummer. got a local upostery shop back in whitefish to add some foam and re cover it for cheap. had to stuff clothes in the hole the rest of the trip, but still made it up 5 peaks in about 50 miles walking and 750 mx riding. fun!

Tammy63 13 Feb 2002 07:19

I just did a 14 hr day ride "01 KLR650" from NJ to OH and back with a Travelcade seat and it was cold out L 36 H 55 and I was fine

Edward The Head 13 Feb 2002 20:35

I have a Day-Long for my Concours which I like. But, Day Long has been sold if you look at their web site, and from what I understand it will take around three weeks longer to get a seat now. It took me six months to get mine back.

What I've found to help with long days in the saddle is to use silk boxers. Either that or I've cut the elastic out of old underwear and that helps too. I've also heard good things about Corbin, though no personal experience.

Maniac28 14 Feb 2002 01:40

Hey tammy!! Isnt this board awesome! This whole site really rocks. Poor glenn is going to go mad when he sees how much nicer this site is. although i still want to post over there to stir up trouble - those guys are really irritable.
anyway, i think the stock seat is a whole lot better than most competing bikes. ever sat on a honda 650-- ouch!! I almsot bought a corbin seat, but my money found other outlets. travelcade looks nice also.

c0_re 14 Feb 2002 01:54

yea pretty funny he told me he didn't appreciate me posting links to other sites and I'm sure thats why he made the board rules topic. I was trying to give people the heads up about this great place, geesh were's the KLR love!

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2dogs 14 Feb 2002 05:08

The stock seat is uncomfortable for a fat guy after about 10 minutes in the saddle. I bought the Happy Trails highway pegs and the seating positions improve the effectiveness of the stock seat about a million percent. Another benefit of the pegs is the crash protection... let me rephrase that... the spill protection. They saved me about $1000 when a friend took a jaunt down a stone wall recently (oh, HE bailed off just in time to save his hide).


Maniac28 14 Feb 2002 12:42

good to see you over here 2dogs. hey i remember that story about your friends dance with the wall - hope you got your bike all prettied back up.

Ian aka "Maniac"
93' KLR650

Glenn_M 14 Feb 2002 16:25

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Maniac28:
Poor glenn is going to go mad when he sees how much nicer this site is. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Literally (poor). IT TAKES MONEY.
These are some of the things you can do with money, Ian. I can't edit our board much... it has a pre-defined layout and only allows me to use html headers, footers, ect..

I have run boards before (vbulletin boards which are EXPENSIVE) and they are great. This one is an infopop board which offers free service(this is upgraded so there are no ads), but you still have to pay for the hosting.

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Glenn_M 14 Feb 2002 16:29

The stock seat, obviously sucks. I would get a Corbin seat if I were to get anything, because the "kit" that Dual Star sells isn't worth the money in my opinion since you have to restaple it and do it yourself. Corbin comes ready to install.

Maniac28 16 Feb 2002 03:18

Sorry, i didnt mean to stir any trouble glenn.

Anyway, i was looking at the corbin klr650-flat seat for 199.99 - looks like a great deal and i have heard great things about it. I will get one soon. It doesnt have that dished out front like many ppl hate.

Juan Pablo 26 Feb 2002 16:45

I´ve just returned from a 12,000 k trip thru Africa in a KLR650. The bike was great, no problems at all, but I have to agree with those who say that the seat is unconfortable. The brakes are not the best either, but I still strongly recomend the bike.
Juan Pablo

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