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Throttled 17 Oct 2012 21:57

Prototype Hagon Shock for KLE500 05-07
I am getting a Hagon shock made for my 05 bike. Hagon make shocks for the older style bike and it turns out they do not fit the later facelifted version.

So mine will be the prototype :clap:

The downside is that it appears mine is also the first to fail resulting in an enquiry to Hagon to get a new one :(

Photos and price to follow. The Hagon older versions shock is £300, with one from Kawasaki at £680.



leonator 20 Oct 2012 00:48

so you have installed? and it failed? after how long? did it improve the bike enough to warrent the 300 pounds?

Throttled 20 Oct 2012 20:39

No the original shock failed on a 7 year old bike that had covered 13000 miles.

The Hagon is the replacement.

ShaunJ 22 Oct 2012 22:05

So why doesn't the shock from the older model fit?

The older 'A' models use the same size bolts as the 'B' models so the hole sizes must be the same

leonator 23 Oct 2012 05:52

Yeah good question Shaun. i didnt think there was any change made to the rear shock...

Throttled 23 Oct 2012 20:28

All I can say is I was told otherwise by Bill The Biker based in Denniston Glasgow.

Throttled 27 Oct 2012 20:26


Looks nice :thumbup1:

leonator 28 Oct 2012 01:40

looks very nice! what was the cost in the end? how does it ride?

Throttled 30 Oct 2012 13:22

Hi, it was £295 and I will not have the bike on the road for another week due to tax and insurance, so I'll report back.

leonator 30 Dec 2012 00:06

Hey Throttled,

How is your new shock going? how would you say it compairs to the standard? Happy with it?


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