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ben_travel 15 Aug 2002 00:38

Please: Any information on buying a KLR650 in Santiago Chil
I am heading to Santiago, Chile in a few weeks and would like to buy a new / newly used Kawasaki KLR650 there. First, do any fellow travelers have one for sale out there? Second, does anyone have any good information about any dealers in Santiago (preferably a Kawasaki dealer, but any information is appreciated) and their internet information (website and/or email). I have spoken with some very kind people from this website and the information they have provided has been great. Hope to hear from some folks soon.

Happy Trails,

Ben Zack

taintedgloves 24 Aug 2002 06:40

HI, just happen to have a klr 650 and i want to sell it in Santiago. should be there in maybe 3 weeks if all goes well, the only thing is that it has about 55 000km on it, i rode it from home in canada, but it´s in really good shape. it´s not too hard to get parts if you´re in the right place down here, let me know what kind of a trip you´re planning and i can give you some good info. also, i know a couple of other people selling bikes.

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