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nick_ratcliff 16 Sep 2002 03:16

New KLR - Overland mod ideas please
Hello KLR'ers
I've just bought a new KLR and am preparing for a run across southern Morocco next spring. So pile on the suggestions for helpful mods, it's a 1995 fairly stock it has Renthals and that's it so far. I'm gonna get the 23l tank, but would appreciate advice for neat stuff I can do to bike.

Cheers Nick

Gijs 16 Sep 2002 03:27


i am interested to know where you get such a 23 lt. tank.
Is it originally KLR ?


rgbman 17 Sep 2002 06:04

I have the US model, not sure what's the same for the euro one. I'll just offer some ideas, and you can take them or leave them.

1. Magnetic oil plug

2. Inspect the "doohickey" (balancer chain tensioner) Replace if broken or missing

3. Loctite every bolt not on the engine

4. Washable stainless steel oil filter (hey oil can be found just about everywhere, how about an oil filter for your bike?)

5. Bypass the kickstand switch

6. Open the clutch case and inspect/clean the oil screen located there (reportedly, it gets clogged)

7. Make sure you have the oil bypass pin running through the existing oil filter, if not replace or oil won't be filtered

8. Inspect the valve clearances. replace shims if needed

9. Carb vent re-route mod (some report problems with water crossings, rain, etc. before making this modification)

10. If you will be carrying a lot of luggage, make sure to strengthen the sub-frame connectors. These are prone to breakage.

11. Did I mention loctite?

The KLR FAQ will explain in better detail


For doing the valve adjustment, there's a video detailing it.


Hope this helps. I just thought I'd through some ideas out there to get the topic going. Good luck on your trip. I'm sure you'll have a blast.

Kurt 17 Sep 2002 20:04

Excellent choice in bikes. The KLR will take you far. But...

I can't stress the loctite enought myself. But use the blue stuff. I'd suggest going through the bike and using it on as many fasteners as possible, especially ones holding the body panels on. I've also seen occaisions where the subframe bolts have loosened up.

Replace the gear shifter with an aftermarket one as well. The original one can crack under heavy use. (Happened to me!)

An aluminum bash plates not a bad idea either, but I've managed thus far with the stock plastic one.

If your not installing aluminum brush guards for the handlebars keep a set of brake and clutch levers handy as spares. I had the Acerbis ones installed for a while but took them off as they could cause more problems than they are worth.

You can improve braking somewhat by replacing the front brake line with a stainless steel one and installing different brake pads. I don't recall the manufacturer of the pad I used but they are made in Spain.

I've found the stock tank has been more than adequate. It gives a range of over 250 miles if you keep your speeds down.

If your going to be climbing a lot of hills you may also want to consider a smaller front sprocket. It's not very expensive and easy to change.

Hope that helps.


t0by 18 Sep 2002 16:11

Just wondering what size tank you have? KLRs come stock with a 20 something litre tank. Do you have a non-standard model?

I would second the above poster's advice on strengthening the subframe. In fact, I would third it as well.

I installed a fan override switch in case of a thermostat failure. I used it in Panama.

Heavy duty inner tubes. Just make sure no one steals them if they do a tire change for you.

Happy travels. Maybe see you down there...

nick_ratcliff 18 Sep 2002 18:15

About the petrol tank - it has the stock one atm but I'll be getting the 23litre Acerbis one for it - I want maximum range and a plastic tank, I'll mash the steel one up in no time.

What have people done about some kind of rally style fairing? I'm doing some motorway miles to get to work at the moment and am finding the wind a real problem and can't see a way to accomodate a trip computer and GPS with some protection from the elements, and for me as well.

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