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WildGoose 25 May 2008 12:57

New KLE Convert
Just thought i'd pop my head up to say hello, just stumbled upon your little KLE community, that I was certain wouldn't exist, given that this bike hasn't seemed to sell particularly well. Great to see there is actually a group of dedicated KLE followers out there :thumbup1:

I picked up my 2006 KLE yesterday, 1 previous owner, blue, 4000 miles, as new. I haven't taken any pictures yet, because to be honest I don't find it the most inspiring to look at. In fact, I haven't ridden it yet, it's still in the back of my van as the weather seems to have conspired against us yet again.

I have had dual sport kind of bikes in the past (long story regarding a Triumph Tiger 955) but for the most part have been a dedicated sportsbike type. But on Friday, my Honda Cb-1 let me down for the last time :censored:, so I got the hump and charged out for the KLE in my local dealership first thing Saturday. Picked it up there and then as seemed to be a bit of a bargain, and even got them to knock £70 off because the rear tyre is almost spent.

Anyway, enough rattling on from me. Look forward to shooting the breeze with you chaps on all things KLE. :thumbup1:

All the best.

royzx7r 26 May 2008 09:59

Welcome aboard !

A decent bike you got there, The KLE dont sing and dance in any area but does it all in an understated way.

As you, I was a sportsbike nut, but found the KLE did all I needed but without the turbo!. Theres a lot of info on the forum and should you need any advice, theres a mind of knowledge on here.


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