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oddsie 13 Aug 2012 20:28

N ireland KLE
Hello im a bIit of a green horn here but I think this is the best place for me to post. I needed a bike again as my other project is taking way too long to finish (gsxr1216turbo):thumbup1: and as i wanted to commute and do some touring and trails next year a kle I think will do the job.

So a few shackles were handed over and i came away with a 1992 kle


I have used it for a few weeks to iron out some bugs, but they keep popping up. carbs were leaking, so badly i was only getting 80 miles per tank of fuel.......

cush drive was reduced to powder! And the previous owner tried to take out the slack with washers inside the hub:ban:

Carbs were another ball ache, the carbs had to be split to replace a few perrished o rings and just need balanced now.

To be continued

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