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nath23 3 May 2009 00:53

my kle keeps dying on me!
i have an 07 kle 500 and it has started cutting out on me at traffic lights and when on the motorway and just taking a while to start again. i have taken the carbs off and they seem spotless. has anyone got any ideas? it has been suggested that it might be the electrics but i don't know where to start! any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

royzx7r 3 May 2009 12:16

Im sure there was a similar post on here and I think it was something to do with the cut off switch, Try spraying wd40 onto the switch and work it a few times.

Have a glance through the earlier threds.


nath23 3 May 2009 23:48

hi again.
i tried the wd40 but the switch seems fine, I have tested the hd leads, checked the spark plugs etc. i have also checked the fuel is coming through and opened up the fuel tap and everything. it seems to only run bad after a good thirty minute run. it runs fine when cold and starts no problem and will sit ticking over but after a long run it cuts out at lights, dies on the straight (and catches again before it stops completely) just runs very badly. any ideas?
i have had a look through some of the earlier threads but am not having much luck.
i can't understand why this problem would only occur after a good run . . .
i am a bit of a novice so any ideas would be very much appreciated.

ranfog 4 May 2009 11:47

try flooding the ingition barrel with wd40,get the key in and turn it to all positions a few times to get in every where.

nath23 4 May 2009 22:19

ok thanks, will give it a go.

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