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yehonataniv 24 Jan 2009 07:14

my bike for sale KLR
A 2007 KLR 650 in Argentina,
buenos aires
Dakarmotos garage
22,000 miles.
highly modified, just to name a few.
6.6 gal (31.6L) ims tank.
alu skid plate.
bar risers.
hand protectors
fork brace.
progressive fork springs.
progressive rear shock,
12v outlet.
center stand.
happy trail panniers.
oxford tank bag.
and more.
also included a full set of tools and the service manual.
a vamping set including.
maps: argentina,chile,bolivia and soth america big map.
GPS garmin eTrex(R) H:


if a it will come to a series buyer i would be willing to bring her to any place in Argentina or Chile.
would be willing to hear anything above 3,800 $.
please write to yehonataniv@gmail.com
or call +542616990737.
cheers, yehonatan.
pics can be seen at
Picasa Web Albums - guy - yoni's bike:


love to all

Chris of Japan 25 Jan 2009 01:46

Last warning
I warned you before. Do not write the same thing in many places in the HUBB!
Put one ad in one place.
Put your ad in the "Bikes for Sale" forum one time, not this technical forum.

You did not even answer a question someone asked about your bike here:

I should ban :ban:you permanently, but I am giving you the chance to sell your bike as you seem to be a traveler not a business.
However, if you put the same ad up on the HUBB again, you will not be welcome. :thumbdown:

markharf 25 Jan 2009 01:55

Chris, I'm as offended as anyone by the multiple identical ads, day after day. But I'm also noticing that the poster doesn't appear to speak English as if a first language. Maybe (just maybe) you've got a communication problem going. You might want to simplify your message:
"multiple times all over the Hubb" is a complex, euphemistic expression. Try instead saying what he/she can do, rather than what is unwelcome.

Hope that helps. Probably irrelevant, I admit.


Chris of Japan 25 Jan 2009 02:46


Thanks for the tip.:thumbup1: I try to write clearly, but sometimes I forget about the language barrier...
I have edited my earlier post.


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