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narly 6 Aug 2006 16:44

klr650 worked great
After viewing several threads on how riders encountered problems with their klr's, I thought it was time to post some positive news.
My 2002, klr650 was bought second hand for my round trip from calgary to Port Renfrew. It had 30,000k on it at purchase and had been well maintained (all services done on time - dealship). Engine and drive train were stock - no doohicky, exhaust, or sprocket changes. Modifications included Dual star bash plate, Renthal handle bars, tall factory windsheild, a sheet of non-skid material on the seat and gel grips. Synthetic oil was used. Previous owner had complete record of service. I have continued same.
The trip covered 3,300k in 6 days. The average speed was 90 to 100k. With over a 100 kilos of gear and rider and riding at 90 to 100k, the klr would use less than 5 liters of fuel per 100k. That's better than 56 miles per gallon.
Oil consumption of hard riding for more than 3,500k used up less than 1/2 of a liter. No oil leaks or smoke. I would say this engine at this mileage is in very good shape and expect it will last a long time without needing a re-build.

The only time I needed pass another car the klr topped 140k per hour before I let off and was in my lane. Power was no problem. You didn't need any more and wouldn't want any less.
I used bridgestone trailwings (new). Cornering was never a concern, nor was riding on the rain. I will state that you must check tire pressure on any bike and insure proper inflation. My failing to do so on my first highway shake down ride, cost me a rear tire and tube. Replaced tire (properly inflated) gave no problems.

This bike is like any other. If it is properly maintained, it is very reliable. If you buy this bike (or any other) because you figure you can abuse it and not maintain it, you will end up on the side of the road, looking rather forlorn.
As compared to any other bike, the klr is a capable, reliable long-distance ride, over any reasonable road surface. And, yes, I would choose it over many others. I put in numerous days of 600 and 700k on the stock seat with no problems. All it took was a peice of non-skid material thrown over the seat. This eliminates your sliding forward, which is 90% of the cause of discomfort. Try it. You'll be pleasently suprised. Admittedly, the condition of your butt does have something to do with the degree of comfort you will have on a bike. O.K., I've got a skinny butt that spends a fair amount of time on a mountain bike. Get your butt in shape before you ride.


Grant Johnson 6 Aug 2006 17:48

Good post narly, and welcome to the HUBB!

Overall, the KLR is like most any bike - treat it right and it'll work well for you. Overall they have a great rep - cheap and reliable - with a few minor, easily fixed glitches.

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