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HendiKaf 20 Sep 2006 01:53

KLR650 Center stand or not
Hi guys I received my center stand (Dualstar)for my KLR650 and I just don't like the way it set up , you have to use the foot peg to old it in place and I am not that hot of that , any of you have it installed and use it off road without ripping the foot pegs.

outthere 20 Sep 2006 21:51

centre stands
Hi ,i had a kawasaki Tengai for a while,great bike,great fun:biggrin: i had on it.I built my own centre stand and had it mounted to the footpeg bolts.I rode:scooter: it on many trips in the Australian bush-eg.Transline,Conniesue Hyw,Oodnadatta Track etc and had no real problems other than needing to check the bolts,as u do with other bolts.I now have a DR650 and have a centre stand on that.:thumbup1:

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