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AVID 29 May 2012 15:51

KLR Starter Stuck/Jammed?
After some searches on here I couldn't find the same issue that I'm having... so here it is:

Last week I replaced the Doohickey with Eagle Manufacturing's Doohickey and torsion spring. I've put about 350kms on the bike since with no problems but yesterday I started it up and I sounded like the battery was almost dead, but with a little choke it started up. I took it for a 30 min ride and turned it off. I tried to start it again and the starter wouldn't do it's job. My battery must be great since all the lights were full with no issues there, but the starter just wouldn't work. Have you ever held the chuck of an electric drill and heard that sound of the electric motor working fine but struggling to spin the chuck? That's the sound I'm getting. Here's what I think:

- The torsion spring has somehow popped out or jammed the large starter gear in some way.
- The starter is dead (but sounds like it has full power?!)

- Could the balancer chain be too tight? - Not sure if that makes sense...
- Could one of the starter gears have been moved out of place? (I double checked my installation and all was good...)

It really seems like a case of the starter being jammed up somehow. I jump-started the bike to get it back home, so at least we know everything else is good. I'll take the bike apart this weekend but some input from the family would be great!

AVID 29 May 2012 16:24

I found this:

2009 KLR650 won't start - YouTube

This is the same problem I'm having on my 2001 KLR. I don't have a way to check the battery so I'll bring it by my mechanic friend tomorrow.

Cinquegrana 30 May 2012 13:36

You might have better luck asking on KLR650.net or KLRWorld or even ADVrider.

You said you replaced the DOo, did you install all the gears properly? How about the spacers on the gears?

I would remove the starter first and see if it's turning. Just a thought, good luck.

*Touring Ted* 30 May 2012 14:51

First, remove the starter motor and text it using a 12V car battery. It should turn.. (careful though. Put it in a vice is you have one. They can jump with some force).

If that's okay, check the relay. It might only be intermittently switching.

Also, make sure the engine is turning okay by hand.

Turn the engine with the bolt that you would use to turn the engine when doing valve clearances.

If that turns okay then it's time to remove the side case and check the gearing and/or the clutch where the started motor is geared with.

You should easily find the problem if you check all these things... :innocent:

This is only general advice. I can't picture the exact systems from memory.

AVID 30 May 2012 20:06

Thanks guys,

I've posted over at KLR650.net I found a GREAT discussion that's leading me towards the fact that it may just be the battery... I hope.)

As for the installation - I double checked everything I did so I'm not going to open the case just yet.

I have a motorcycle mechanic friend with every tool you could imagine, so hopefully I can see him in the next few days to solve this issue. I'll post back here the results.

AVID 7 Jun 2012 17:14

Thanks for everyone's comments. As it turns out, it was simply case a a low battery. A fine lesson learned: 'Check The Basics First'.

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