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trothoehler 19 Jan 2002 04:47

KLR Questions
Hi Everyone!

I'm planning on getting myself another bike for a big ass road trip and have been looking through the Horizons Unlimited for some ideas. So far I've come up with the Yamaha XT600Z because its air cooled and the KLR650. I was hoping you could answer some questions regarding the KLR650.

1. Long distance touring reliability and availability of parts.
2. Is it comfortable for long trips?
3. water-cooled, is this an issue as for reliability?
4. any ideas about gas mileage?

Whats the difference between 650 and the 650L, also are there other models I should be aware of? Im mainly going to be doing more on road than offroad but definately want the option of doing both.

Thanks so much for you're information, its really appreciated.

BTW: I have an '80 Honda CX500 that ive taken from vancouver to mexico to east coast of canada and back. 3 months, 20,000kms and one awesome ride. I have to give the bike back to my dad, so im looking for something new. Any other suggestions?


Tom Rothoehler

MotoDiver 20 Jan 2002 07:18

Love my KLR and hope you'll get one and agree.
My answers to your questions:

1.The reliability in only 21,000 miles is outstanding. Not a single mechanical problem. Haven't need ANYTHING so don't know about availability of parts.
2.Seat's a PITA after not too long, so bicycle shorts(or longs)with padded butt helps. Other remedies available
3. I think the water-cooled aspect of KLR adds to the long term reliability of engine. A cooler running engine might be a happier one.
4.Somewhere between 50-60 mpg, depending on load, speed, wind, etc.

Hope this helps.--Porter

on the road(almost)
and lovin' it!!
KLR650-A13 'BURRO'

Kurt 20 Jan 2002 23:12

My only real issue with the KLR is the water cooling. I'm of two minds:

1) Air cooled is better in terms of simplicity. I'd hate to break off the somewhat exposed radiator in a crash.
2) Water cooled motor will run with more consistant performance, probably last longer and riquires less rigid maintenance schedule.
Having said that, I've been pretty happy with the reliablility of my KLR and don't think I'll replace it quite yet.


trothoehler 23 Jan 2002 22:45

Thanks for quick reply. Looks like I have a little more research to do, I wonder if finding parts in south america are going to be an issue. Also, I think I missed the boat, I found a 2001 KLR650 in the local Vancouver, BC paper for $5100CAN. Oh well, didn't want to rush into anything. Thanks again for the help...


Kurt 24 Jan 2002 00:50

I think you stand as good a chance getting parts for a KLR as anything else. In fact, I believe the Columbian army uses KLR's.


Maniac28 14 Feb 2002 02:23

My vote is that the klr is a reliable workhorse that has a ton of aftermarket products available. sure, the seat is no goldwing or 1150gs but its better than the 650 hondas and suzukis. the water cooling is superior, just be sure to keep a check on the pump. http://www.happy-trail.com/guards_pegs.htm sells a reservoir guard and www.dual-star.com sells a radiator and a pump guard. there has been controversy over these guards effectivensss. You can read the hubbub (involving reps from dualstar) over at http://boards.gamers.com/messages/ov...sp?name=KLR650 under the posts "new pump guard.." and "dual star products" and "message to dualstar". they had a mini war going on.
reliability -- very good. many ppl get over 30k easily out of them. my 86 klr600 has 35k on it and never one problem other than gas.

Ian aka "Maniac"

93' KLR650

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trothoehler 14 Feb 2002 22:22

Wow! Thanks for all the information, I think i now know what I want, and have been actively looking in the Vancouver, BC area for a KLR. So far I've found a 2002 for $6800CAN out the door, and numerous beat up bikes (2000's) for ~$5400... just got to keep looking...


c0_re 14 Feb 2002 23:14

The USMarines use a modified 01 KLR650 now too, but they have it fitted for desil so they don't need to carry extra fuel just for cycles.

They used ot use the KLR250 but now that
fleep has seen better days.

marks got a great site too check out the rest

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Kurt 15 Feb 2002 09:03

The military KLR used by the US Marines just finished trials with flying colors. Oddly enough, it was developed by the Royal College of Military Science in the UK. The British military are looking at it too now. By all accounts, it's a real 'kick ass bike.' Ought to last a while too.


c0_re 16 Feb 2002 01:38

Hey Kurt, is the seat lower on the USMC model or is it just the pictures?

Is there somewhere else to get more info on the USMC model?

Kurt 16 Feb 2002 02:08

I'm not sure, but I think it may be. M/C Consumer news in the US ran a short article on it a few months ago. I don't remember much in the way of details and I threw that issue out. Sorry.

Here's what I do know about the bikes the UK military will be testing: 584cc desiel and 3.5ga tank.


c0_re 16 Feb 2002 02:53

There not from Kawi are they?

Kurt 16 Feb 2002 05:01

No, they're special models done up by someone else. Someday available as military surplus maybe?


Glenn_M 17 Feb 2002 19:22

<font color=red>1. Long distance touring reliability and availability of parts.
2. Is it comfortable for long trips?
3. water-cooled, is this an issue as for reliability?
4. any ideas about gas mileage? </font>

1. Most reliable Dual Sport available. Parts are readily available (and parts off different years fit eachother!)

2. Stock, not good. A Corbin seat and some highway pegs and you're good to go!

3. Water cooling is not an issue. You would have to get in a serious wreck to mess it up, and the odds of having a nonfunctional cooling system and a functional bike are not high. FYI, there are guards available very cheap that will protect your radiator and pump against very hard bashes.

4. 55-60mpg roughly. You can ride over 300 miles on a single tank of gas (6.1 gallons).

The KLR 650 is hands down the best dual sport bike out there. Not necessarily fit for long trips in stock form, but with very little money you can make it worthy and have peace of mind. You can get left over 2001's for $4200. $1000 to $1500 in accessories and you could ride around the world.

Rejet carb and get a new exhaust
Corbin seat
Highway pegs
Some type of luggage and/or a tail box
New hand grips
New headlight bulb (For those lonely highways)
Odyssey battery (need a dependable source!)
Aftermarket mirrors
Aftermarket shift lever
Bash plate
Radiator guard

I don't have hardly any of that stuff on my bike and I feel comforable riding it anywhere. They just keep going... and going... like the energizer bunny.

I don't want to upset the admin, but there is a lot more info on my KLR specific board:

c0_re 17 Feb 2002 20:59

Glen's right on the money with that list, as far as bare min requirements for a RTW trip on a KLR goes.

deleted private message to Glenn

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