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davidmc 7 Sep 2003 06:39

KLR - front end stability
Got the chance today to test ride the KLR 650 and the F650 Dakar side by side today. One thing I noticed is that the KLR has a very loose front end, meaning that it didn't seem very stable at all at speeds above 60mph. One little push or swerve on the handlebars and the whole front end swayed back and forth, just like my XR250.

The F650 was MUCH more stable at higher speeds and I wonder if this is due to the fact the the F650 has a fork brace about halfway down the forks?

I know you can get a fork brace for the KLR also (Happy Trails in Idaho), does this makes a significant difference in the KLR's high speed handling? Or is it just minor? Is this the only way to stiffen up the front end? And is the front end stability adversely affected by loading up the bike with gear?

Thanks for the help...

Kurt 8 Sep 2003 20:19

I've noticed the lack of stablility at speed on mine as well but put it down to the tire size, weight distribution etc. Never enough to bother me until exceeding 75mph. Also, front tire condition seemed to effect this as well. I've noticed improvements when I sit closer to the tank or use tank panniers when traveling. I'm not sure about the fork brace though.


RichLees 8 Sep 2003 22:42

mine used to move about a bit over 100mph, but just keep it pinned till it hits 110 and then try to work out how to slow down without running off the road. ace fun!
there's loads of moaning about the KLR front end and its all spot on, but you get such a sweet induction roar!

kcfire 13 Sep 2003 00:27

Try taking the front fender off. It is such a big sail, it catches wind and twists things around alot. It can be replaced with a smaller "hugger" style.

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