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Danna el nomada 17 Nov 2012 20:21

KLR 650 oil consumption...
Hi there,
I'm travelling currently with my KLR 650 mod. 2008 in Chile and heading to Ushuaia.
My bike has 90ยด000km on the clock and in the last weeks i had huge oil consumption of about 1l oil every 300km. So I was rebuilding the engine, new piston, rings, cylinder interrior, valve seals etc.
Now I've made about 1000km with my new engine and the bike is still consuming about 1L/1000km. My mecanic in Santiago told me there's no reason to worry, the oil consumption will decrease in the next 2000km but I'll find it somehow strange anyway.
My question is what is the normal oil consumption of a new KLR650 and what oil consumption should I expect with my new engine?
What experience do you guys have with your KLR's and its Oil consumption?

thanks for your answers,


soapdodger 18 Nov 2012 06:25

Stock piston is luck of the draw in the klr650 oil consumption stakes,ive had 2 klr's 1 that used no oil and 1 that drank it,i fixed this by fitting a 685 kit,dosent use any now and less vibey with stronger midrange.plenty of info on klr650.net.all the best

Danna el nomada 19 Nov 2012 04:34

I had the 685 kit but couldnt find piston rings here in southamerica and had no time to let me send some from the US. that why I rebuilded the engine with original klr650 parts.
what dos it mean your bike drank oil, how much for 1000km?
so you mean I' ll have to live with the 1L/1000km oil consumption??


soapdodger 19 Nov 2012 06:27

Hi,couldnt say exactly how much per 1000km,i was using it for a daily 80mile commute 7days a week,think it was around 400ml at the end of every week so pretty similar to yours.it is quite a lot of oil to use,only hope would be that when the new piston and bore are broke in that it reduces.sorry i cant enlighten you any better.

lecap 4 Dec 2012 07:36

I have rebuild dozens of KLR engines worn out high mileage ones as well as 2008ff oil guzzlers.
The oil guzzlers have poorly machined cylinder bores. Nothing a quality rebore and OS piston won't fix. Note a rehone and new rings will NOT fix it!!!

A KLR after a rebuild (if rebored and OS piston & rings fitted) and riding normally should not use oil.
Limitation is: All KLR's will use significant amounts of oil if you ride them balls to the wall.

The wait another 2000km and it will stop using oil story is bullshit. Wait another 2000km and you will be 2000km away from the mechanic who bungled it up.

(Just like: Before you critisise a man walk five miles in his shoes. Then you will be five miles away and he won't have shoes :D )

Danna el nomada 18 Dec 2012 18:52

I have a new cilinder sleeve, new psiton and rings...so what you mean with rebore and whats a om piston?
i was never riding her more than 5000rpm so i'd say thats pretty soft.
now i'm close to ushuaia and fare away from the mecanic who rebuilded the top end.
i'll try to fix her again in Buenos aires before i' ll sell her.

by the way, do you know the mesurement of the KLR's balancer chain?

cheers daniel

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