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nath23 16 Feb 2012 23:14

kle500 starting problems
i have a kle500 which will occasionally have trouble starting and just turn over and turn over but after being left for a minute or two tends to start. it is getting more common i think. there was a problem with the starter relay i think as it was just clicking at times and noit turning over. i have replaced this but now it sometimes just turns over and doesn't go.
any ideas anyone?
ive not done the valve clearances for a while or changed the plugs, could this be it?
any reasonably sensible suggestions would be appreciated.

mendelmax 18 Feb 2012 11:03

Spark plugs seem to be the best bet for the beginning.

It's also possible, that the fuel tank vacuum valve is leaking, and therefore flooding the carbs, which may flood the engine when starting.

Try to start without choke, if it will start this way better than with choke, it will tell you it's flooded.

Throttled 19 Feb 2012 14:58

Check the choke cable its self, I had a similar problem after I had new handlebars fitted and it turned out the garage had not connected the choke back properly.

nath23 19 Feb 2012 23:17

i have changed the plugs and it hasn't fixed it yet. dont think its the choke as i have tried it without and with choke. no real smell of petrol and it still does it when hot after a run so not sure what it might be really. might try cleaning the carbs next unless anyone has any better suggestions? it doesnt try to start, not nearly catching or firing or anything. just turns over. then when it does go it just springs to life and runs smoothly.
any more suggestions?
and thanks for your ideas so far!

mendelmax 20 Feb 2012 16:32

if it doesn't try to fire at all, then I would bet some electrical problem or again, flooded engine.
But if it is flooded, it would have to be a huge amount of fuel, and shouldn't happen on hot engine (spark plugs are so hot that the fuel would evaporate off them VERY fast). Anyways, it wouldn't hurt to take out the plugs after few cranking attempts and take a look if they are wet.

I'm not sure how the spark module recognizes the crankshaft position in this engine, but if it's some hall-type sensor, I would bet this is the source of problem, since these sensors tend to fail this way- sometimes they work, sometimes they don't, up to a moment, when they stop working at all.

Check FSM to see where's the CPS and what type is it. Unfortunately today I'm horribly busy so I can't do it for you.

Walkabout 20 Feb 2012 16:53

[QUOTE=nath23;368105. no real smell of petrol [/QUOTE]


Originally Posted by mendelmax (Post 368215)
if it doesn't try to fire at all, then I would bet some electrical problem or again, flooded engine.

Or fuel starvation, which is what you seem to be describing Nathan.
The vast majority of non-starting probs for bikes amount to lack of a spark or lack of fuel - mix them together and you get a big bang:thumbup1:

I suggest you keep things simple before making more detailed, possibly expensive for parts, changes; there are loads of threads about bikes in general all over the web for difficult starting issues.

mendelmax 20 Feb 2012 20:14

Good point Walkabout, I haven't thought about asking if nath23 tried to start it with fuel valve set on "prime" to eliminate the eventuality of a faulty vacuum hose. bier

Also, if this doesn't help it would be a good idea to check if there is fuel in the carbs, but I find it unlikely that both carbs would be completely clogged. If at least one carb would be fine, it would start running. Rough but still.

nath23 26 Feb 2012 23:13

so far i have had the carbs off and given them a clean (but couldn't get the little pilot jet? out as i didn't have the right screwdriver so will have to go back to that i guess) i have replaced plugs ht leads and plug caps and have cleaned the air filter for good measure.
it still has starting problems. it doesn't splutter or try to start at all just turns over and then one time a few tries later it will fire up and now runs pretty well.
it was spluttering when i would open the throttle when at speed but will have to take it for a run to work tomorrow to check this. if it will bloody start.
me pal seems to think this may well be the pilot jets so gonne get these out soon as me new screwdriver turns up.
i've not done the valve clearances yet but not sure if this could cause a problem like this or not.
i need it to go and make it to the weekend or it will be costing me loads to get to work so hoping it will fire up in the morning please!!!!
thanks everyone for your input. very much appreciated.

mendelmax 27 Feb 2012 17:33

Typically, valve clearance tends to cause problems on hot engine first (hot valves are longer, therefore reducing clearance), then after burning the seats it causes problems even at startup, but you would notice it.

The pilot jet is the jet that supplies fuel mainly on low engine revs, so indeed, it's more important than main jet when it comes to starting, it's good idea to clean it.
Don't want to offend you by telling such obvious things, but "just in case"- remember to back it up the same amount of revs it was before after screwing in!

nath23 22 Apr 2012 01:37

resolution . . .
thanks everyone
it turned out to be the carbs needed cleaning pretty badly and mainly the pilot jets i think. it now starts ok. i also replaced the hd leads and the spark plugs but it was still failing to start so took the carbs off again once i had the right screwdriver to get the pilot jets out. it now starts fine. by the way mandelmax - the pilot jet is not the one which you have to screw out a certain number of turns. this is the timing screw i think? the pilot jets just screw in inside the carbs and i think are mainly for getting petrol through to start the bike. i took the little timing screws out too and gave them a clean for good measure.
just learning about all this but enjoying the process too.
thanks everyone for your help.
much appreciated.

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