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Goblin 3 Apr 2009 13:17

KLE500- no fuel filter?!?!
Guys, two days ago I collected my bike from service. Hoping to enjoy my ride to home I started riding but after a few kms the engine suddenly died in highyway traffic almost getting me killed too. After a few tries it started but then died after a few kms again and on some occasions it died just instantly. I drained the carbs a few times assumign the fuel was somehow contaminated (i filled the tank right after leaving the service). Still it did not help.

I intend to clean the fuel system this weekend (the service would demand further payment blaming the dirty fuel) so I ran through the maintenance guide. To my horror, I found out that our KLE500s do not have any fuel filter or whatsoever. So the question is:

- is there anyone out there who installed an aftermarket fuel filter in the fuel line? if yes, what is the brand and where to get it?
- what else would you suggest to do to prevent further contamination in the carbs without a fuel filter? (keeping in mind that KLE500 does not have a fuel pump either)

poppykle 5 Apr 2009 12:07

The KLE uses old fuel technology with gravity feed and carbys. Any reputable fuel filter will be an improvement but it will not prevent this from happening again (it may prolong the time between occurrences). Most of these problems are due to the reisdue left after fuel evaporates. Leaving fuel in the carbs when the bike is left idle for a few months over winter can be a problem. *

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