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TommyT 3 Apr 2009 17:04

KLE500 DIY fairing repair
My KLE blew over a last week and the fairing is cracked and scratched. I was thinking of doing it myself with an epoxy kit and a can of spray paint.
2 questions
(a) where would I find the paint code for the '05 model, and
(b) will my bike end up looking like Michel Jackson's face when I'm finished? (in other words, will the repair work be noticeable?).


Jake 4 Apr 2009 10:22

Depending on the crack a flat piece of plasticard epoxied onto the the rear should do the trick - the paintwork I doubt you will get good at a first attempt - just leave it - as pattina -or get a paint shop or mobile paint-chip repair van to do it should not cost a lot maybe £30.00 for a proper job.

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