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Orlow 18 Jul 2012 20:50

KLE500 A3 Front sprocket issue...
I´ve just "joined the club", owned -93 kle500 for a few months now. After some other kind of troubles (got run over by 80 yrs old granny) my kle started to show some lack of maintenance, with this rattlin´ noise and feel.
First I thought that reason was that rubber shock damper at rear, (whitch is changed now, and rear sprocket is still a bit sloppy?) but then i checked the front side, and under incredible mount of black oily "tar" with stones and even one whole pine cone glued there, I found loosen front sprocket, whitch has this lockplate with two small bolts. Not 1 big one. Teeth in lockplate are worn badly, that might be the reason, + crappy looking sprocket. Luckily the axel looks good.

Issue: I ordered new sprocket and lock plate (from Wemoto.something, good selection of KLE parts btw), but am little confused.. whitch way the sprocket should be? Old one was flat side toward machine, and the outer, rimmed side was badly worn. Was it wrong way already? I have a manual, but it´s that newer (with one bolt) and can´t be sure about those pictures. There´s also text at the flat side, shouldn´t THAT be the outer side? (17B2113/K)
(whitch was surprise, ´cause it should be 16 teeth orig.)

Well, let´s see what kind of sprocket comes from mail, but if someone has knowledge to share, I would be very mutch thankful.

Dude of Finland

Orlow 23 Jul 2012 16:22

Anyhow, that new sprocket came, and I think I´ll put it the way that the old one was. Thinking that if I put it the other way, it´ll worn out even more from the outside. So lip side ("grooved") away from the engine.



oddsie 14 Aug 2012 21:44

I am having the same troubles with sprockets and previous owners as you are, i found myself a 1992 model a few weeks ago

this is what i found under the sprocket cover


a new lock tab from wemoto sorted that but i was unsure of sprocket orientation same as you.

I noticed some slack in the cush drive aswell and this is what i found after removing the rear wheel..
The cush drive has fallen appart and was shimmed with four washers
i have replaced the rear wheel bearings and the cush drive bearing and a new cush drive was ordered from cmsl which will hopefully arrive soon

i will report back when it is all tightened up.

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