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ShaunJ 12 Nov 2008 19:02

Kle Suspension
Hi all
just wanted to check whether this shock would fit an 07 kle
Its a hagon m64016 and says its for KLE500 A1<7 (KLE500A) or if anyone knows of an adjustable aftermarket shock preferrably with remote preload adjustment that will fit?

i'm guessing the progressive fork springs will fit as they say 91> just not sure about the rear.

any input would be appreciated


john_aero 24 Nov 2008 12:52

ask the seller to supply you with the spec of the shock, lenght, the dia of each hole and other dimensions and compare them tot he original kle and that should answer it for you.

i must get the front fork springs but still a bit worried about front forks after seeing a set on a bmw f650 fail and cause seriosu damage

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