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arborfun 23 Jun 2012 13:51

KLE performance
Hi there, So I have read most of the topics I can find on performance modifications but none seem to be completely clear. I have a 07 KLE with almost 8k on the clock and it runs like someone left the hand brake on. I can tell that there is so much hidden in the motor I just want to know the hard fast tried and tested ways of making the bike run better.
So new exhaust, holes in the airbox, restrictors out of the spark caps, standard....but what about sprocket changes? who has done it and what are the results....GPZ cams...are they worthwhile?
The bike runs like the muffler is full of tissue paper and I can tell there is so much more to this motor...what can really be done?

adventure boy 18 Dec 2012 13:41

Read this post with such high hopes of reading some good answers lol and not one reply
Question whats the go with the restrictors in the plug caps ????

leonator 19 Dec 2012 06:06

If you do some digging adventure boy, you will find plenty of information on performance mods. However, if you are looking for buckets of power maybe you should think about another bike. My Kle has been jetted and the airbox is holy. And thats where i stopped. Thought about an exhaust but really i dont think its worth the investment, It would only be for the sound anyway. My buddy has a DR650 with a staintune. When we are at a set of lights i could swear my bike was off. The KLE is a great bike stock! It will do it all, Just at its own pace.

I have done over 20000kms of off road riding on my KLE and she has handled every bump without a wimper. Even the big bumps where the bike ends up 5 meters away and on its side...oops. The sw-motech engine guards are well worth the investment! Now with almost 50000 on the clock im starting to think about what is going to need to be replaced...

If your after speed buy a cheap track bike and get your kick on the track and save the KLE for adventure/commuting. Thats what i do.

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