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robs5230 28 Nov 2010 11:10

kle 500 suspension and tyres
when i got my 2005 kle ( 2000 miles ago ) it was shod with what i think were the original tyres - trailwing. it rode well but was soft on the front forks under braking.
replaced these tyres with conti escape which have taken some getting used to mainly due to them not suiting the kawasaki recommended pressures.
i have now upped the psi by approx 6 in each tyre and also added approx 8psi to the front forks.
what a difference !!!!!!
the bike rides lovely and smooth, quiet too. leans into corners great and the dive under braking is much reduced.
still not quite as confident with this tyre but riding through some pretty shite weather so we'll see when it gets better.
getting approx 60 mpg and very comfortable to ride on my 30 mile commute to work.

royzx7r 28 Nov 2010 17:34

Best I got once was 71.4mpg on a trip to Scotland. Try the Tyre manufacturer's web site for recommended presure.

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