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SPYE 10 Apr 2009 20:58

KLE 500 (Pre-2005) Service Manual Wanted/or Technical Specs
Hi there.

I am looking for a pre - 2005 service manual for a KLE 500.
It must cover the older full power models from the 90's. I need it in PDF format so that I can download it.


Can someone either help me with the following specs for a 90's full power (50HP) KLE 500.

Carburettor Specification (Jet sizes etc.)
Ignition Timing
Valve Timing

I would like to compare these specs to the 2007 model.

Would be extremely grateful if someone can assist.


Email: shaun.oneill1@gmail.com

ShaunJ 10 Apr 2009 21:53

Just did a google search and found this
Kawasaki KLE 500 A7-A12 97-04 MotorBikeSpecs.net Motorcycle Specification Database

Carb main jet: 112

Although just noticed something interesting compression ratio states 10.8:1 whereas my 07 manual states 9.8:1

SPYE 10 Apr 2009 22:30

Thanks for the info. I am looking for more detail on the carbs eg. main jet, air jet, main air jet, needle etc. etc. Also looking for cam specs to compare with the '07 model.


Mollrik 27 Apr 2009 16:47

Carb specs
Hi. New member here from Sweden! As said before, the "older" KLE 500s are using 112 main jets, but to add some info; they are using 2 jet needles with the mark "N96J", but everything else should more or less be the same (from what I've "gathered"). The new ones are using different main jets (92 and 95) and needles (N96L and N60D), probably due to the fact of different header lengths (I'm more or less 100% sure the older KLEs are using the same exhaust, but they are having the same (as in sizes) main jets and needles).
I can't give you a straight answer about the cam specs, but I am sure they should be the same, if we compare the older KLEs with the newer KLEs (but do NOT take my word for it)
I hope this should help! :cool4:

sources: Kawasaki Street Warriors (scroll down)

KLE500 0,6 l/mil? - Bike (swedish page, though he inspected his carb and his info were the same as the link above, so I am quite sure the information should be correct)

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