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SPYE 19 Dec 2008 09:59

KLE 500 Fuel Tank Modification/Auxilary Fuel Tank Questions?
Hi Everyone.
I have got a 2007 KLE 500 but I found that the tank range on long trips is quite poor. I get about 185 KM on a tank. The bike is perfect for overland touring BUT... the fuel tank is too small.
Question: Has anyone got any suggestions about how to increase the fuel carrying capacity on the bike. Ie: Larger aftermarket tank or modifying existing tank or auxilary tank.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.

Keater 19 Dec 2008 11:19

G'day I've seen only one modified tank either on here or on Aventure forum:confused1: The owner added extra pieces into the tank to raise the top giving more room.:thumbup1: I just wish I knew where it was. try searching on here or the adv forum there was photos of it!!!

poppykle 19 Dec 2008 13:43

Try this link:
I think there may be others but this has a rough translation of the process.

SPYE 20 Dec 2008 18:31

Hi Again.
Thanks for the tip, but unfortunately I dont have a spare tank to bucher and muck around with. They are as scarse as hens teeth over here in SA. The other option is probably to attach some kind of plastic jerry cans to the rear of the side panniers and plumbing it to the tank.
Does anyone know what sort of jerry cans will fit on to the rear of panniers. Perhaps a link to a online bike shop?


poppykle 21 Dec 2008 02:02

Sorry I thought you wanted to increase the tank size.
Check this site, there is a lot of info on modifications and accessories here:

Kawasaki 500 KLE Aventure

SPYE 21 Dec 2008 13:10

Hi again. This looks like a good site with lots of interesting info.

Luuk 23 Dec 2008 22:46

yes the fuel size is an often mentiond problem. this is how i fixed it. i put two 5 liter cans on the back in smal surplus army bags, gut a hole in each bag and ran a plank (yes a wooden one, i like low tech solutions) trough the handgrips of the jerrycans so the weight rested on the back of the bike, not on the straps of the bags. worked fine. see also:


johnquinnell 28 Dec 2008 06:23

Spy, What is your riding style and state of tune like?
I regularly get 300+ kms on my 2007 KLE500 which is a combination of on and off-road riding.

SPYE 28 Dec 2008 10:38

Hi there. I mostly use the bike for city commuting to work and back in Cape Town. I get on average 230 km on a tank before reserve kicks in. It ranges between 19 and 21 km/l using 95 octane unleaded.


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