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suzook 14 Jul 2008 12:11

kle 500 exhaust pipe
hey all

was thinking about getting a full system, but on taking the old system off ,apart from being a bit rusty the downpipes and link are solid, its just the muffler with an issue.

Anyone know the diametre of the pipe leading up to the muffler, im at work so cant check, and might cancel the full system and simply order an universal end can of the right diametre and fit that instead saving myself a couple hunded


verpe 21 Jul 2008 19:32

htp Bologna exhaust



suzook 22 Jul 2008 13:37

thanks man, where did you get it from, i can only see the youtube content

verpe 23 Jul 2008 05:30

Kle 400
It's my bike, I made this video and put on the NET, to see more KLE.
Mad Max feeling on the road :thumbup1:

suzook 25 Jul 2008 12:48

did you dynojet it afterwards?

Ive got a k and n coming and just fitted a rather loud end can

verpe 26 Jul 2008 19:00

Kle 400
I think my 6th gear is missing! :(
I have only 5.

If you mean dynojet to measure the power, I wouldnt like to pay for the measure.
I don't have any other tuning kit on the bike (I hope), the exhaust is very loud, especially in city.
My air filter is originally (I washed and lubricated it last week).

I would like to ride a lot of kms with this bike, I hope it will be (it was damaged in front).

verpe 30 Jul 2008 05:27

Kle 400
I found the 6.gear! :blushing:
It's great and no problem.

Today we change the exhaust pipe gasket, because its too loud in the city.
I need to make a new video. :thumbup1:

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