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ranfog 1 May 2010 21:11

KLE 140 rear Tyre
any know if a 140 will fit the KLE! Got one for free and was wondering if i cound use it.

Cheers all.

jimmy101 2 May 2010 23:48

Yes - I run a Dunlop 606 130/90 which is as wide as most 140/80 tyres. Its a pretty aggressive road legal knobby that works well in the dirt, holds the tar roads excellently and you also get fantastic millage out of - kle cant wear em out...

The stock rim is fine, although a 3" rim would be perfect and thats what I will do in the future.

My mate with a BMW GS800 had a 140, then ran the dunlop and said it was easily as big as what he had. He got 12,000km out of the front I believe


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