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Coguaro 18 Jan 2007 21:16

Kawasaki Tengai Questions

It have found on sale a Kawasaki Tengai, I would like tpo hear from Kawasaki owners as it's a Klr series your opinion about this model, thee usage should be 60% road and 40 % off road, it seems quite comfortable, what about cost of maintenance and reliability


phoenix 18 Jan 2007 21:30

Tengai / KLR

As it's a KLR, and quite easy to work on, it should be cheap to maintain. The KLRs are quite reliable too, by all accounts. Check out this page for a list of known issues with it: http://www.bigcee.com/klr650faq.html

As it's a Tengai though, the Tengai specific parts may be slightly hard to find (and so, more expensive), as there don't seem to be that many Tengais on the roads (at least, not here in London anyway)...


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