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phoenix 18 Mar 2007 00:28

Kawasaki Dealers in Europe.

I'm trying to put together a list of Kawasaki dealers (name, address,telephone,fax,email,website), for travels across the countries below (and ultimately, other countries too). I think this could be a useful resource. Does anyone know of where I could get this info, so that I can collate it into some form of list? Does anyone have even a partial list that they could upload?


- France
- Spain
- Italy
- Greece
- Bulgaria
- Romania
- Hungary
- Slovakia
- Czech Repulic
- Austria
- Germany
- Belgium

Kumuya 25 Mar 2007 21:22

Hi, I can tell you only about Romania - for sure are no Kawa dealers :censored: !!!! Hungary has! but go at Kawasaki Europe website and you will find out :thumbup1:

In Romania are only importers of parts but none specialized in Kawa, for example you go at a Yamaha dealer and ask parts for Suzuki or Kawasaki. This is because are not real dealer only for a brand like representation or something like Yamaha came here and open a store, is only "some name S.R.L." who imports what you asked but they put a brand name on front :thumbdown:

So bikers who pass through Romania can buy everywhere if they have time to wait for that part if is not in stock.

If you wish a list of stores who have a little wide range of parts or can bring them in a short time please let me know.


oldbmw 26 Mar 2007 20:52

It might also be useful to grade the workshop facilities, if very simply.

phoenix 29 Mar 2007 13:35


Any list of dealers / shops would be welcome. It's better to have a list of people to call than none at all!

Sorry about the delay in getting back.. I got sidetracked on another project.


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