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nath23 28 Jul 2009 18:59

how do I adjust the beam for travel abroad?
Hi all.
I'm off across france and spain soon and I have recently bought some of the stickers to adjust the beam on my 07 kle 500, but there is nothing in the instructions about motorcycles much les the kle 500. i know there are adjusters on the inside of the headlamp but have found they don't seem to make much difference. can anyone advise me on where to place the stickers or are there any motorcycle specific stickers to adjust the beam?
any advice anyone?

ShaunJ 28 Jul 2009 19:33

i think the lens is symetrical so i would just swap the bulbs and sockets over so the high and low beam are opposite

Redboots 28 Jul 2009 19:35

Put the bike in front of a garage door or wall so that you can see the dip beam pattern.
It its level, with no flare up on the left side, you need do nothing as its a flat dip beam.

If it flares to the left, stick your stickers on the left side of your headlight (as viewed from the saddle) as per the car instructions.


nath23 28 Jul 2009 22:04

gonna get on it as soon as i get a chance. very much appreciated!!

AtlasRider 30 Jul 2009 07:22

Sorry, this is a total noob question...

What do stickers have to do with the headlight beam?

Just curious...

McCrankpin 30 Jul 2009 10:55


Originally Posted by AtlasRider (Post 251591)
Sorry, this is a total noob question...

What do stickers have to do with the headlight beam?

Just curious...

Here in the UK, headlamp beams on cars and bikes (almost always) point slightly to the left when dipped. So when we go abroad, the dipped headlamp will dazzle oncoming riders/drivers. The same vice versa for continental riders coming to the UK.

The bending of the beam to left or right is done by a small lenticular lens in the glass of the headlamp. So putting a sticker over it blocks that bit of the dipped beam, which then points straight ahead.

You can just use any piece of sticky tape or duct tape, but the kits, available in shops in Dover and Calais and on the ferries, (and all motor-parts shops) will show you exactly what shape to cut the sticker to (if it needs cutting, sometimes it won't) and where to stick it on the headlamp. Otherwise trial and error can be used. Generally the sticker amounts to about one square inch, plus or minus.

The problem with bikes is that many bike headlamps are not covered in the instructions that come with these kits. (Whereas most modern cars and some older ones actually have a faint etching on the glass to show you where to put the sticker).

As an example, my Honda Dominator here in the UK is a French model, so it's headlamp points to the right when dipped. So it won't pass the annual test here. Luckily I found that the headlamp kits on sale did have instructions that covered the lens of my headlamp so I didn't have to spend time on trial and error.

Some riders when buying a model of bike from the continent for use in the UK go to the trouble of putting a UK headlamp on.
Either way it won't pass the annual test if the light points to the right when dipped.


AtlasRider 30 Jul 2009 21:34

Thanks for the detailed explanation McCrankpin!

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