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Forsellini 18 Aug 2006 01:25

determining oil level
I may be missing something or incredibly stupid but the little circular window that shows oil level is very hard to read. If the light isn't perfect I cant make out if there is a lot or little oil in the bike. Is there another way to measure oil level or am I just mechanically challenged. Thanks

Bill Ryder 18 Aug 2006 05:07

Where's the oil?
I find I have to sometimes use a small flashlight and then tip the bike slightly back and forth to see the oil level rise and fall. We get a lot of bikes in the shop where I work that are overfilled.....so check twice before you dump in a extra quart.

PatOnTrip 18 Aug 2006 15:41

Time for an oil change
Normaly you checked your oil level with the bike straight (not on side stand).
On the side stand the oil will be low on the glass. So if don't see any oil level difference between those 2 positons you can bet your bike is overfill with oil.

lecap 14 Sep 2006 09:31

oil or no oil?
I have seen dirty oil windows on many bikes. Seems to come from certain types of oil which build up brown or black residue on the window and make it near impossible to read the oil level.
On my own bikes I use quality oil (Caltex Delo Gold 15W40 or Total Quartz 9000 10W 50) and all the windows are spotlessly clean and easy to read.

Assuming that you have a KLR you will have to take the clutch cover off and clean the window (for ex. with carb cleaner). Using quality oil and changing according to schedule will avoid future problems.
Taking the clutch cover off and cleaning the window is a lot cheaper than rebuilding the engine.

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