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Wrong Way 15 Mar 2012 21:01

Clacking sound!! KLR650
Just got my bike out of the shop: MotoPerformance Peru... just outside of Miraflores.

they did alot of work, but nothing to the engine. I requested that they do a valve job, because i am at 25 000 miles and have never had one(however, i am unsure about previous owner for the first 10 000 miles). anyway i wanted them to check. They didn t even take the top off so i assume they do not have the technical expertise to do it (they had my bike for up to a month waiting for parts). they blamed their lack of initiative on not having the parts. I decided it was good that they didn t do it and decided to get it done in bolivia: No problem it is running good enough i thought.

I drive it for 4 days after i get it back and twice it decides not to start, but eventually it does. then last night i try to start it and it turns over but will not ignite. While it turns over i hear a LOUD clacking sound for about 40 revolutions. during this time the clack gets quieter and quieter untill it goes back to normal. it does not ingnite and soon enough the battery is dead. Question: Any idea what this temporary Clacking sound was? it was coming from the engine. top or bottom i could not tell. my bike is still not running.....i am now searching for a trickle charger.

Wrong Way

PocketHead 16 Mar 2012 07:55

Can you record the sound?

If you need work done see Nicky in Sucre, he has a proper shop.

Wrong Way 16 Mar 2012 13:27

never thought of recording the sound.
Well, the clacking sound only happened once while it was turning over; over the course of say 40 to 50 revolutions it went away. now, i have a fully charged battery and it will not start.

thanx for the contact in Sucre. i will look up Nicky when i get there. You thing he could perform a valve job?

Wrong way

Walkabout 16 Mar 2012 19:04

It is never easy to diagnose such problems over the internet, and the vagueness in your posts 1 & 3 doesn't help!

But linking your two posts I would say that your starter motor is kaput, in which case you should be able to bump start the motor; I suggest you give that a go, and try to be specific and accurate with reporting fault symptoms in future posts.

Just my 2 cents worth.

Jameseye 17 Mar 2012 00:30

Maybe something like a bolt was left in the crankcase adjacent to the ignition pickup or wiring; if the foriegn object was picked up by the flywheel, that would explain the clanking, and the fail to start could mean that whatver it was could have done significant damage to with either the pickup or wiring...

just a thought...

Good luck with it anyway!


mudandsmoke 17 Mar 2012 15:43

Stop and investigate.
As stated, it is difficult to diagnose a noise, but any unusual noise requires investigation. There are several possibilities : The automatic decompresser device on the exhaust cam shaft, the cam chain tensioner and the balancer chain (doohicky), adjuster. It is no good trying to start it, you will only inflict more damage. The KLR motor is strong, the only weakness is the balancer chain adjuster. If broken and not attended to the damage is horrid !!! Unfortunately if the motor has been the victim of a monkey mechanic then the list could be endless, I would have a look at the doohicky first, but if you can be sure that the upgrade has been done, then remove the cam cover, and have a look, the cam chain and decompresser are easy to check.


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