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rashidanis 12 Sep 2012 13:50

Chain Tensioner For KLE 500
I want to install Universal Chain Tensioner for my KLE500. Any one can advise (base on experiences) where in the suitable position. Either in the middle between front Sprocket and Rear Sprocket...or just close to the rear sproket before Chain Guide...the type of Chain Tensioner Iam going to use , is just clamp to the Swing Arm at any position suitable.

Captain Azuar 12 Nov 2012 10:57

KLE run on a single piston when rains
I got an issue here with my KLE.
Whenever it rains :rain: :stormy:, the engine will be running on 1 piston instead of 2 and the fuel could not be burn which wasted the fuel.
Checked with some mechanics over here, 2 of them says that my KLE ignition switch is the one that having an issue - need replacement as the copper board was way too old.

This is the only issue haunted me for years and not sure wether this is true. :confused1:

While I'm checking with other mechanics, they just gave me stupid reason which I have to dumped some handsome money before it can be temporarily fix!!:eek3:

Not sure if anyone out there having the same issue as me.

Need helps here..:helpsmilie:

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