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tracyprier 8 Apr 2010 10:05

Are KLE handlebars solid??
Hi all

Does anyone know how far from the bar end is solid on the newer KLE 500s?

The reason I ask is that having a solid bar is one possible explanaiton for my Oxford hotgrips not getting so hot.

I noticed that the end of the bar is plugged when I fitted my new bar ends but does anyone know if this is just an end plug or does it go right along??


royzx7r 8 Apr 2010 11:58

Hi Tracy,

My oxford hotgrips get red hot on the high setting. The control unit locked up when i first got them and they were stuck on high.

I had to pull over in the end and unplug the wiring because i could not hold the grip any longer. I had to get the unit replaced under warranty.

I only have ever needed to use mine on low.

have you tried them whist riding the bike?, they dont get that hot when the bike is just on idle.

If yes and you think they are not hot on the high setting, I would suspect that the control unit may be faulty.

As for the bars, Im not sure.. but they are only cheap jobs so I would think they would be hollow rather than solid?


johnquinnell 8 Apr 2010 13:06

The KLE bars have plugs welded into the end of them. They are only about 25mm deep. The phillips head screw that goes into them is a 5mm thread from memory. I run Oxford Hot Grips on my KLE and I have to admit that on high they get pretty uncomfortable. Mind you that would probably depend on the thickness of your gloves. The Oxford Hot Grips have helped me climb back out of early hypothermia a few times now after getting thoroughly drenched on cold winter rides in the bush.

tracyprier 9 Apr 2010 03:37

Thanks guys... sounding like I need to replace them then. William from Oxford has suggested I check resistance on them(should be 6 ohm left and 7 ohm right)


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