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Gunter 8 May 2002 03:29

Anyone ever ride a loaded KLR two up?
Just wondering if the KLR is OK for two up riding.
I want to take it on an extended trip with a pillion (of course no offroad) and would like to hear if any others have done this on there KLR.

t0by 8 May 2002 05:08

I am doing it. 2,000 miles so far, and while I enjoy the company, can report a sorer arse and a tougher time on the dirt.

We have metal panniers and a big rucksack on the back. The only hassle really is keeping it on the side stand when parked. It sits so low with all the weight that you might want to consider a centre stand.

But it's worth it!


Roger Hogg 24 May 2002 15:31

We travelled with an Israeli couple for two weeks while they were in NZ. They were on a 96 KLR 650 and had soft bags and then two full sized packs strapped on the carrier rack! Thankfully the seat sits up way up the tank! And they went off road, and even further off road only stopping when the mud got to the top of the seat! Years of riding in Israeli desert prepared them well. But after 100 kms they were both ready to call it quits for the day.

t0by 3 Jun 2002 21:52

Er. Need to update the above comment. Last week I craked the frame bolts that sit under the gas tank. And the gas tank mount.

Too much weight on a very rough road in Bolivia. All is now well, I believe. But it was a long push to the nearest, highly incompetent soldering man.

kmet 19 Jun 2002 00:08

If you ride a KLR 2 up or with a load get a sub frame upgrade kit at www.bigcee.com $13-$22 USD or you can always make one your self, this is a frequent weak spot in klr's from what I hear. if the upper bolt breaks it can cause Big $$ damage


t0by 19 Jun 2002 08:09

>if the upper bolt breaks it can cause Big $$ damage

Actually cost me $10 at the La Paz Honda Dealer that everyone's raving about. Dread to think that it'd have cost in the US, though.

onlycookie 12 Jul 2002 17:48

Hi there!

I shared my Tengai (which is the "road" KLR - meaning there's more plastics but nothing else) with a friend for around 4 weeks!

It was good, but he took to much luggage, so it was a little squeezed.
Anything else was OK and good fun - apart from the saddle-bags I shouldn't have taken - rather boxes instead!

Because of the heavy load offroad was a little tricky - a little (not DEEP) sand or gravel-roads aren't a prob though!

Greetings Mel...

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