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LaCarretera 13 Aug 2011 22:38

Almost a KLE Rider
Well, I'm almost a KLE rider !

After looking around for one of these bikes for almost a year I finally bought myself one week ago. I thought it'd be a nice bike for the commute to work and maybe a bit of touring next summer, and having had a look on this forum the potential is even greater. :clap:

Unfortunately I couldn’t afford a late model one so I’ve ended up with a ’95 that needs a bit of fixing up. In fact, that might be a little understating it as it er.. doesn’t actually run at all. I figure that I’ve started a winter project a little early :rolleyes2:

The major thing that needs replacing is the rotor.. the previous owner had a spot of bother, and the rotor and the stator collided and stripped the magnets from it.

I was wondering if this was a common fault? I’ve read through the technical thread on this forum, and looked elsewhere, but can’t see it mentioned. I’ve emailed a good few bike breakers who’ve had KLEs, and they all tell me the same, that they’ve already sold the rotors off the bikes they broken. Awkwardly the rotor in the KLE is unique! doh From what I’ve been able to gather, the stator is a shared component across loads of 500cc Kawasakis, but the KLE's rotor is different. Does any one know why? :confused1:

Also, although I expect this is a little cheeky for a newby, but does anyone know where I could find one? I’ve found new replacements for sale, but was hoping to get my mitts on a second-hand one for a few pennies less.

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