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Acropolis 16 Nov 2008 19:19

2up around the US on a KLR650 any suggestions?
I'm about 5'5" 165lbs my girl is 5' 3" 115lbs and we are planning on a Leaving California in July 2009 heading N. to the Canada border and then SE thru the US. We plan on taking camping gear (VERY light tent, bags and mats) The trip will take about 3 months and I wonder if anyone had done this 2up on a KLR650. I have done the sub frame bolt deal, front spring from progressive, and planning on the rear shock upgrade and replaced the stock seat with the wider design seat. The total weight for the bike should not exceed 794lbs (including the bike, according to the manufacture) Will I be OK after these mods?!

Thanks for any suggestions,


61timm 16 Nov 2008 19:57

I suggest putting on a Penske three way shock with a heavy duty spring. Also look at upgrading your fork springs.

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